Definition of deerhound in US English:



  • A large dog of a rough-haired breed, resembling the greyhound.

    • ‘A deerhound that lives with the Scott family, Dick attacks White Fang on his first visit.’
    • ‘And how does the pint-sized pet handler cope with a dog the size of Rush the deerhound?’
    • ‘In addition to salukis, eligible breeds are whippets, greyhounds, Afghan hounds, borzois, Ibizan hounds, pharaoh hounds, Irish wolfhounds, and Scottish deerhounds.’
    • ‘We would like to say all those who searched for our missing deerhound on September 13, he was eventually found and taken to Bexleyheath police station.’
    • ‘A new opponent attacks him, a deerhound named Dick, and White Fang is thrown from his feet.’