Definition of deep pockets in US English:

deep pockets

plural noun

  • Abundant financial resources.

    ‘these companies have deep pockets and don't mind spending to get their projects off the ground’
    • ‘Brewers and liquor companies, with deep pockets and marketing reach, are buying up winemakers.’
    • ‘Smoothies are a profitable niche product with growing market opportunities but are vulnerable to attack by competitors with deep pockets.’
    • ‘"This influx of large numbers of new buyers with deep pockets has given a strong boost to local jewellers.’
    • ‘The legacy of under-investment from the Communist era requires deep pockets.’
    • ‘The deep pockets of The Japan Foundation allowed the curators to travel to three other Asian countries for research.’
    • ‘Nor could there be any quick financial returns, although the major investors have very deep pockets.’
    • ‘Victor and Ilsa cannot leave Casablanca, despite Victor's obvious deep pockets.’
    • ‘For others with deep pockets, the strategy is rather simple: if you can't beat them, buy them.’
    • ‘He has creative control of a recording company tied to a multi-national conglomerate with deep pockets.’
    • ‘Of course, it is easier to pay for a gap year before college if you have deep pockets.’
    • ‘If not, anyone out there with deep pockets can contact me and I will do it.’
    • ‘They lost their appeal, having unsuccessfully fought a large corporation with very deep pockets.’
    • ‘No matter what the venue, deep pockets have an edge when pockets matter.’
    • ‘But as the price was beyond the reach of the common man, those with deep pockets purchased these sites for speculation.’
    • ‘My worry was that someone with deep pockets was going to bid before they left for work.’
    • ‘At the time of the deal, Farmer hoped the Detroit giant's deep pockets would enable him to expand the chain into new territories, including Asia.’
    • ‘Yet, while the manufacturers have deep pockets, many employers are small.’
    • ‘This is where the big operators, with their deep pockets, score.’
    • ‘I'd never before had to worry about money because I had worked for companies with deep pockets.’
    • ‘Of course, it does not hurt that the party on whom the plaintiff seeks to place the blame has very deep pockets.’
    affluence, prosperity, opulence, riches, means, substance, luxury, well-being, plenty
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