Definition of deep ecology in English:

deep ecology


  • An environmental movement and philosophy which regards human life as just one of many equal components of a global ecosystem.

    • ‘Then we look at some of the new systems of ideas, like deep ecology.’
    • ‘How does environmental ethics or deep ecology inform your reading?’
    • ‘Macy is an eco-philosopher and scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology.’
    • ‘Many conservation biologists enter ecosystem research because they are deeply concerned about ecological issues and often hold a deep ecology perspective.’
    • ‘We return to the pagan when we practice deep ecology, because for the pagan ‘Love your mother ‘means not only your human biological mother, but mother earth who nurtures you, balances you, and grounds you in her embrace.’’
    • ‘Wicca sub-divided into several traditions - Gardnerian and Alexandrian being two of the most prominent, and also tied in neatly with Feminist Goddess spirituality and deep ecology.’
    • ‘The ideology of Earth First was not so much about direct action or being outsiders for wilderness, it was more about spreading the then-revolutionary ideas of conservation biology and deep ecology.’
    • ‘To be one with nature and with all humanity; this concept is found in many religious teachings and is also fundamental to the principles of deep ecology.’
    • ‘What intrinsic worth is given to matters of deep ecology and spiritual integrity?’
    • ‘On the other hand, David Rothenberg's more nuanced analysis of deep ecology has been most influential in some circles.’
    • ‘He conveyed a deepened sense of environmental activism and Earth stewardship to the Pagan and New Age communities, where he became a primary voice of deep ecology.’
    • ‘I'd like to think that the tenets of deep ecology are part of human consciousness by dint of the fact that we evolved, co-evolved with entire biotic communities.’
    • ‘I've been involved in the Gaia Foundation for the last 14 years, working in the area of deep ecology, spiritualism and environmental activism.’
    • ‘Cronon argued strenuously against the ecocentrist position advocated by deep ecology.’
    • ‘Eco-centrism borrows from conservation biology, the preservationist tradition and deep ecology.’
    • ‘Naess wrote up a treatise describing the eight principles of deep ecology, which contends that nonhuman life has value ‘independent of the usefulness of the nonhuman world for human purposes.’’
    • ‘The incorporation of concepts of deep ecology brings to practice the belief that we are fundamentally connected: all phenomena, individuals, and societies are both embedded in and dependent on the cycles of nature.’
    • ‘The politics of class, race, gender and justice are not meaningfully connected to deep ecology.’