Definition of deep brain stimulation in US English:

deep brain stimulation


  • A surgical treatment to reduce tremor and to block involuntary movements in patients with motion disorders. A surgically implanted device delivers small electric shocks to the thalamus (especially in the treatment of multiple sclerosis) or the globus pallidus (especially in the treatment of Parkinson's disease), rendering these parts of the brain inactive without surgically destroying them.

    • ‘Another treatment that has had encouraging results is deep brain stimulation.’
    • ‘In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has approved deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and dystonia.’
    • ‘Umesh sought the surgical option of deep brain stimulation when he was 50.’
    • ‘This is referred to as deep brain stimulation.’
    • ‘But now the Power Rangers' fan could stop having these cramps altogether if a deep brain stimulation operation is successful.’
    • ‘The procedure, called deep brain stimulation, has been used for other movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease.’
    • ‘For instance, a new therapy called deep brain stimulation, provides electrical stimulation to the brain through surgically-implanted electrodes, and can dramatically reduce the dyskinesia of Parkinson's sufferers.’
    • ‘Topics covered on the day will be new developments in medication, surgery including deep brain stimulation, exercise and causes of Parkinson's.’
    • ‘They still haven't come to a final decision, but have warned him that because his Parkinson's began so early, it is unlikely that a new operation - deep brain stimulation - will help.’
    • ‘But doctors have said he may not be suitable for the operation - deep brain stimulation - but will try to treat him with drugs instead.’
    • ‘The operation - deep brain stimulation - involves implanting a multi-electrode lead into the brain and connecting it with a pulse generator under the skin in the chest.’
    • ‘Father-of-four Mike Robins became one of the first people in the UK to undergo a life-changing surgical treatment called deep brain stimulation five years ago.’
    • ‘Researchers from Toronto, Canada, have successfully treated a small group of severely depressed patients who do not respond to standard types of treatment with deep brain stimulation or DBS.’
    • ‘She is one of 30% of people who won't improve with behavioural treatment so has turned to Professor Nuttin of the University of Leuvin in Belgium, who is pioneering a deep brain stimulation treatment on her.’
    • ‘Dr. Doshi explained the effectiveness of deep brain stimulation surgery during his presentation.’
    • ‘That surgery happened to be deep brain stimulation and Mike had complete reversal of his Parkinsonian symptoms because of it.’
    • ‘In severe cases, which do not respond to these drugs, deep brain stimulation has been found to have moderate success.’
    • ‘In patients with fluctuating motor symptoms depression occurs when motor function is poor; more puzzling, deep brain stimulation, notably of subthalamic nuclei, can induce a delayed depression, although it improves motor function.’