Definition of deep-toned in US English:



  • 1(of sound) having a low-pitched, deep tone.

    ‘the rhythmic clanging of deep-toned bells’
    • ‘Her voice is more than masculine, it is deep toned.’
    • ‘In the courtyard were two large dogs, whose deep-toned barking showed vigilant and easily roused guardians.’
    • ‘The delivery is powerful and deep-toned which reflects formal training in Mexico and the States.’
    • ‘The opening track is a murky deep-toned tune that swings back and forth throughout its roaring four minutes.’
    • ‘The organ in the Great Temple is a deep-toned instrument.’
    • ‘The deep-toned voice of the priest in the absolute silence sounded almost like the breaking of the sea on a still night.’
    • ‘One stroke on the deep-toned bell for each year of a dead parishoners life was the 'ringing of the knell'.’
    • ‘The gala event in the Great Southern Hotel featured clothes, make-up, accessories, dinner with the girls and, to top it off, three deep-toned Irish tenors to get pulses racing.’
    • ‘The deep toned bass of Julian Patrick made the cameo role of the Marquis de la Force into a star turn.’
    • ‘The deep-toned balladeer has enjoyed a golden career spanning over 30 years.’
  • 2(of color) having a dark, intense tone.

    ‘a deep-toned blood-red’
    • ‘A deep toned emerald set in warm gold and flanked by two vivid sapphires reflected the flame's fire.’
    • ‘It surpasses all the other varieties in the deep-toned purple of its blossoms.’
    • ‘Dotted around the place are deep-toned solemn portraits of the staff.’
    • ‘By 1912 he had established the basis of his mature, lifelong, and unmistakable style: the application of loaded paint in small, tightly juxtaposed touches of rich, deep-toned colour.’
    • ‘The deep-toned bronze leaves of coral bells, barberries, and burgundy fountain grass flatter the flowers as well.’
    bass, low-pitched, deep, low-toned, full-toned, resonant, rich, rumbling, booming, resounding, sonorous
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