Definition of decreolize in US English:


(British decreolise)


[with object]usually as adjective decreolized
  • Modify (a Creole language) toward the local standard language.

    • ‘There is also clear evidence that Plantation Creole decreolized more slowly in the plantation areas, where groups of slaves lived largely autonomous lives.’
    • ‘Earlier, more divergent Creole forms have since become decreolized.’
    • ‘If truly complete decreolization in fact occurred, then mergers would have to be reversed, so that the decreolized dialect is just like the (never-merged) standard.’
    • ‘If Samana English represents US Black English, BE had been already decreolized by then, or had never been a Creole in the first place.’
    • ‘Like the additional phonemes seen above, the forms in tend to occur only in an extremely decreolized variety of Kriol, as we shall see below.’