Definition of decorticate in US English:



[with object]
  • 1often as adjective decorticatedtechnical Remove the bark, rind, or husk from.

    ‘decorticated peanuts’
    • ‘All three available specimens are mostly decorticated or incomplete.’
    • ‘Analyses were performed on decorticated seeds or meats.’
    peel, remove, take off, flake, scrape, scratch, shave, abrade, rub, clear, clean
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  • 2Subject to surgical decortication.

    • ‘And when they put a decorticated cat in a cage with other cats, it was as though the healthy cats thought of it as dead.’
    • ‘An area 13 mm wide by 25 mm long was gently decorticated.’


Psychology Biology
  • Relating to an animal that has had the cortex of the brain removed or separated.

    • ‘The terminal illness is characterised by deep coma and decerebrate or decorticate posturing.’
    • ‘She was found to have a reduced level of consciousness, posturing consistent with a decorticate state, and unequal pupils.’
    • ‘The patient's condition continued to deteriorate, with decorticate posturing to painful stimuli.’
    • ‘Generalized tonic seizures may mimic decerebrate and decorticate posturing.’


Early 17th century: from Latin decorticat- ‘stripped of its bark’, from the verb decorticare, from de- (expressing removal) + cortex, cortic- ‘bark’.