Definition of decor in US English:



  • 1The furnishing and decoration of a room.

    ‘inside, the decor is elegant and traditional’
    count noun ‘a decor that strained too hard to convey class’
    • ‘She pads through the eclectic décor of her living room to get to the entryway.’
    • ‘Double doors open onto the dining room which has identical decor and a matching slate fireplace.’
    • ‘While they talked, Telli and Setisia examined the room, its exotic decor and its occupants.’
    • ‘Mouldings ‘in distress’ continue to be in high demand, since they often complement a variety of decors and styles and create a softer line around artwork.’
    • ‘Her eyes opened, and she saw herself in a room bare of any décor.’
    • ‘Looking around the dining room at the decor, nothing much had changed.’
    • ‘Paint the backdrop for the collage using a bold color that will complement the room's décor.’
    • ‘The decor is a tasteful combination of rich purple and elegant cream.’
    • ‘The floor was a kind of stone, beautifully coloured to match the décor of the room.’
    • ‘She said a conscious effort would be made with the decor of the rooms to make them ‘less institutional’.’
    • ‘The room has a nice modern decor, friendly and not at all intimidating.’
    • ‘All rooms and suites have their own sitting areas and the decor is uncluttered and elegant.’
    • ‘These mantels can be ordered in a wide spectrum of colors to complement most decors.’
    • ‘There are two velvet suites which feature purple velvet walls, decor and stunning stained glass windows.’
    • ‘The flexible screen makes an excellent conversation piece and accent to my room decor.’
    • ‘It records the streets, the clothes, the decors and the furnishings of all strata of pre-war Paris society in ravishing detail.’
    • ‘The entire construction of the room, décor, furniture, lighting, ornaments, music, aromas, could all be contributors.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, all three places have made minimal changes to their décors and menus.’
    • ‘Its citizens have already started ornamenting their respective homes with beautifully handcrafted decors of various shapes, sizes and colors.’
    • ‘‘Ikebana’ (meaning living flowers), Japanese art of flower arrangement, differs from the usual floral decors.’
    decoration, furnishing, furbishing, ornamentation
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    1. 1.1 The decoration and scenery of a stage.
      ‘the decor revolves around a night-time street scene’
      • ‘Once Crystal wrote the script for the school play; took the part of the main character and made the decors for it.’
      • ‘Galina Solovieva's costumes are gorgeously colour-toned and Semeon Pastukh's painted decors manage to look grandly substantial while being conveniently portable.’
      • ‘The rudimentary décor, an hommage to the old Globe, does feature a large, tilted, overhanging mirror.’
      • ‘James Noone's décor almost accomplishes more with less, as does Natasha Katz's lighting.’
      • ‘By 1973, when she founded her company, her work was grounded in a presentational mode that depended on the stage environment of lighting and decors.’
      • ‘The period of history is in harmony with the music, and its romanticism has been reflected in the decors and costumes of the cast.’
      • ‘Alain Vaës, whose décors typically have a strong, disquieting presence, has pierced the dancing ground with five huge, asymmetrically placed pillars unconnected to any architectural structure.’
      • ‘Any sets or costumes tied to the dances in their original form are ignored - and replaced with the décor and the outfits du jour.’
      • ‘George Roualt's decors and costume is refreshingly modern even today.’
      • ‘I lack space to catalogue the wonders of William Dudley's décor and costumes.’
      • ‘The decor is elegant, mixed with pieces of art symbolizing the fall of the Berlin Wall.’
      • ‘However, an enjoyable aspect of the scene changes are the various fashions and décor.’
      • ‘Donna Marxer's simple but imaginative decors seemed to carve the stage into modules of dream space.’
      • ‘‘What is difficult about them, is the necessity to convey the part without the make-up, decors or the support of the orchestra,’ she said.’
      stage set, set, flats, backdrop, drop curtain
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Late 19th century: from French décor, from the verb décorer, from Latin decorare ‘embellish’ (see decorate).