Definition of deconvolution in English:



  • 1A process of resolving something into its constituent elements or removing complication in order to clarify it.

    ‘the editor helped in the deconvolution of phrase and thought’
    1. 1.1Mathematics The resolution of a convolution function into the functions from which it was formed in order to separate their effects.
      • ‘The deconvolution was made in a wavenumber function and then transferred to the wavelength function for representation in the figures.’
      • ‘Fourier transformation deconvolution is only applicable to samples composed of a single radical species.’
      • ‘In those experiments Fourier deconvolution was used to calculate the spatial function, but that approach is not applicable for a sample containing multiple radical species.’
      • ‘Mathematical procedures, such as Fourier deconvolution and derivation, have been developed to circumvent this problem.’
      • ‘In general, deconvolution decreases the exponential formation time by 0.07 + or - 0.02 ps.’
    2. 1.2 The improvement of resolution of images or other data by a mathematical algorithm designed to separate the information from artifacts which result from the method of collecting it.
      • ‘He reported that deconvolution of the high-resolution images was going well, and showed a pretty red-green-blue image with a noticeably brown tinge to it.’
      • ‘The raw data in and after imaging was subjected to linear deconvolution to mathematically slightly enhance the resolution.’
      • ‘The out-of-focus fluorescence in 3 - D images recorded by WFFM can be computationally removed using deconvolution.’
      • ‘After deconvolution, 3D-reconstruction algorithms are applied.’
      • ‘The resolution of this image was computationally enhanced by deconvolution.’