Definition of decompression chamber in US English:

decompression chamber


  • A small room in which the air pressure can be varied, used chiefly to allow deep-sea divers to adjust gradually to normal air pressure.

    • ‘A diver was treated in the decompression chamber at ICIT in Stromness after surfacing on Sunday afternoon with symptoms of the bends.’
    • ‘TWO divers needed treatment in a decompression chamber yesterday after getting into difficulties off Bridlington.’
    • ‘The other man was transferred by helicopter to the decompression chamber at Craigavon Area hospital where his condition last night was described as stable.’
    • ‘An ambulance was waiting for the divers, who were on board the vessel Jean Elaine, and took them to the Stromness decompression chamber.’
    • ‘The navy had an emergency decompression chamber on stand by in case one of the divers suffered the bends.’


decompression chamber

/ˈˌdēkəmˈpreSHən ˈCHāmbər/