Definition of decommission in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Withdraw (something, especially weapons or military equipment) from service.

    ‘a decision to decommission the ice patrol ship HMS Endurance’
    • ‘Stripping asbestos insulation off boilers and from fire barriers, decommissioning chemicals and munitions factories, making damaged nuclear reactors safe, and clearing landmines are examples.’
    • ‘Then the economics changed, and in 1983 the refinery was decommissioned, dismantled and shipped off somewhere in the Middle East.’
    • ‘The turbines would have a lifespan of 25 years and after that period would be decommissioned and dismantled.’
    • ‘Total said it had been in the process of decommissioning the petrol station when the squatters moved in.’
    • ‘A problem is defining a role for the UVF now that the IRA has said that its armed campaign is at an end and has decommissioned its weapons.’
    • ‘The company wanted to revive a 1909 steam-power generation facility that had been long since decommissioned, to reuse as much of it as was structurally possible, and to integrate it with a new building.’
    • ‘A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the company had been forced to look for a new site in this location because its existing site - on top of Bents Green fire station - was being decommissioned.’
    • ‘If a deal is reached, the IRA is expected to make the first move with plans to decommission its weapons and stand down its military organisation.’
    • ‘In 1950, the Navy decommissioned Naval Air Station Midway, only to re-commission it again to support the Korean conflict.’
    • ‘The firm is currently losing money because it is having to operate the old trains, which should have been decommissioned to make way for the Junipers, and pay for buses for passengers when services are cancelled.’
    • ‘The municipality of Windhoek announced that the new Goreangab Reclamation Plant that is to supply the city with potable water is not operational as yet and the old plant has been decommissioned.’
    • ‘Using boot from SAN capability, the servers can be deployed or decommissioned with no disruption to applications.’
    • ‘West Yorkshire Fire Service has to be notified of any closure of a petrol station so that it can be decommissioned and made safe.’
    • ‘They want to know that the IRA will decommission its weapons, that it will renounce war and eventually that it will disappear as an armed forced.’
    • ‘The £56 million site could be decommissioned and dismantled after 25 years, should a wind farm no longer be needed.’
    • ‘Bosses at South West London Health Authority have drawn up plans which could see Epsom General decommissioned and its services moved to an alternative site in Sutton.’
    • ‘Trimble has said he would resign if the IRA refused to decommission its weapons by the end of June.’
    • ‘If locomotives become too old to maintain, they have to be decommissioned.’
    • ‘It soon will decommission several redundant billing systems to improve service.’
    • ‘If the IRA decommissions its weapons, this stance is arguably no longer relevant.’
    demilitarization, demobilization, deactivation of arms, deactivation of weapons, decommissioning, decommissioning of arms, decommissioning of weapons, laying down of arms, laying down of weapons
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    1. 1.1 Make (a nuclear reactor or weapon) inoperative, and dismantle and decontaminate it to make it safe.
      • ‘The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved Iowa State's plan to decommission its teaching nuclear reactor.’
      • ‘The government has already ruled out building new nuclear power stations, and existing ones will gradually be decommissioned.’
      • ‘The government adopted the position that the reactors should be decommissioned in 2006, but insisted on a safety inspection.’
      • ‘People in Bulgaria are concerned about what will happen if Sofia is forced to decommission the reactors.’
      • ‘‘After nuclear plants are decommissioned, the sites can be turned into parks or residential areas,’ Ouyang said.’
      • ‘British Energy, owner of most of Britain's reactors, had to have a £1 billion-plus bail-out from the government with at least £40 billion more needed to decommission old reactors.’
      • ‘Regardless of the results of the review, Bulgaria will decommission the two reactors.’
      • ‘The only time it becomes necessary to dispose of this material is when a reactor is decommissioned.’
      • ‘All but one of our nuclear power stations are to be decommissioned by 2010 and no new ones will be built.’
      • ‘The new reactors would be built on existing nuclear sites and replace those which are to be decommissioned in the near future.’
      • ‘We're only just starting to decommission the old power stations and nobody knows the long term costs.’
      • ‘But as we are all aware, the environmental impact of disposing of nuclear waste and decommissioning nuclear power stations are issues of great concern to the public.’
      • ‘During the discussion in Brussels Kovachev stressed that all applicant countries, which should decommission nuclear reactors by set deadlines, also have a time frame for accession to the EU.’
      • ‘The expectancy on wind power is great and the pressure even greater as the Government slowly decommissions the country's nuclear power stations, which at present supply us with the majority of our electricity.’
      • ‘But as former weapons plants are cleaned up and aging reactors are decommissioned, the volume of nuclear junk is expected to soar.’
      • ‘In a more realistic scenario, Bulgaria will decommission reactors 1 and 2 by end - 2002 as agreed upon with the EC and it will preserve reactors 3 and 4.’
      • ‘In the shorter term, the company sees huge opportunities in decommissioning nuclear plants.’
      • ‘The prime minister has already signalled his support for the building of new nuclear power plants when the current lot are decommissioned within the next 20 years.’
      • ‘The nuclear plant's oldest units, 1 and 2, will be decommissioned by the end of 2002, as was planned.’
      • ‘All but one of the UK's nuclear power plants will have been decommissioned by 2023.’