Definition of declaw in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Remove the claws from.

    • ‘Also, I finally had to get the cat declawed, and that upset the hell out of me for some reason.’
    • ‘Of course, declawed cats should be indoor-only pets and you should be very careful mixing them with cats that still have their claws.’
    • ‘He had already been declawed and neutered by a past owner as well.’
    • ‘Some owners request otherwise unnecessary surgical procedures in an effort to make their animals more suitable as pets, although even declawed and defanged animals are still highly dangerous.’
    • ‘A better vet later gently declawed this poor cat and her life was better for it.’
    • ‘The tigers at ALS are declawed on their front paws and so could not have gained a ‘toe-hold’ on a fully closed window through the use of a claw.’
    • ‘My vet said I only have two options - to get rid of Fred or have him declawed - neither of which I want to do!’
    • ‘Someone should have told Courtney Love to have her cat declawed… he ruined her dress!’
    • ‘I have zero desire to declaw this cat (he's old and fat, plus it's just mean).’
    • ‘I have four cats of my own, none of then declawed, and my upholstery and curtains are intact and my rugs unsnagged.’
    • ‘‘We feel that it is one of the surgeries that people take very much for granted,’ says Luke, noting that many owners bring in their kittens to be declawed as a matter of routine.’
    • ‘Wildlife officials are setting traps for the declawed leopard, but so far no luck.’
    • ‘I've always been horrified by the idea of declawing a cat (even a housecat), but if she doesn't take a shine to the kid, it could get nasty.’
    • ‘If your cat has not been declawed, you'll need to remove the hooks on the ends of the claws.’
    1. 1.1 Make harmless or less threatening.
      ‘the Grimms' fairy tales were declawed beyond recognition’
      • ‘Just like this fluffy film, the original concept diluted by even more assistants, and entirely declawed of the dated, sarcastic meanness that made Garfield appealing decades time ago.’
      • ‘The President of the US hasn't quite gone the way of the various present day monarchies that have been politically declawed and have been figureheads now for centuries.’
      • ‘By the time a financial crisis declawed the Asian tigers in 1997-98, the U.S. economy was in the middle of its technology boom.’
      • ‘We shouldn't be surprised that the Tories are warming up to our metropolis just when they need ways to declaw the Liberals.’
      • ‘In the longer view, poor grass-growing conditions - a frigid winter followed by a dry spring - have declawed the rough.’
      • ‘Until UC can get its brightest stars to get degrees and chase basketballs instead of money, the Bearcats will remain in their current declawed state.’