Definition of declass in US English:



[with object]usually be declassed
  • Demote (someone) from their original social class to a lower one.

    ‘the proletariat has been declassed’
    ‘declassed millworkers’
    • ‘As the name suggests - Alliance for a Republic of Equals - her party is a populist movement that would attack the mounting social problems with greater energy and deploy a safety net for the declassed and the underclass.’
    • ‘The working class in Russia shrank to just over 1 million, atomised, demoralised, declassed.’
    • ‘By mid-century, the Marxist sociologist C. Wright Mills could write persuasively…of American office and store workers as a new proletariat, no less regimented, poorly paid, and declassed than manual workers of the previous century.’
    • ‘But he recognises the difficulties involved in mobilising a hegemonic project around class given that the Soviet system attempted to declass social consciousness.’
    downgrade, lower, lower in rank, lower in status, put down, move down
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