Definition of deckhouse in US English:



  • A superstructure on the deck of a ship or boat, used primarily to house equipment or for storage, or (formerly) for accommodations.

    • ‘The Hispania is a majestic sight, and lying on the roof of the aft deckhouse the whole stern can be viewed, complete with railings, alternate steering gear and mooring bollards.’
    • ‘The vessel has an aluminium deckhouse with skippers cabin, CO2 room, casing, ventilation and Hi-press room.’
    • ‘There was no one in sight, but he heard a fiddle and what sounded like an accordion, and what he'd thought was just an anchor light was also the gleam of light from the scuttles of a low, midships deckhouse.’
    • ‘To the port side of number 5 hold lies the remains of the deckhouse and mast-foot that would have spanned the deck between numbers 4 and 5 holds.’
    • ‘The hull was then turned over using the yard's mobile cranes and fitted with an aluminium alloy deckhouse The vessel, constructed to a design by Murray Commack associates, will be powered by twin Scania diesel engines.’
    • ‘Further forward, the aft hold is broken plates, then the amidships deckhouse and winch-gear lies intact and upside-down, and the goalpost mast has fallen diagonally across the wreck.’
    • ‘At the stern a large deckhouse containing cabins has collapsed, the steel roof now resting between the stern deck and the seabed.’
    • ‘It shows cannons protruding from either side of the paddle wheel, a military band playing on deck, pipe-smoking officers in an open deckhouse, and soldiers striding about with shouldered rifles.’
    • ‘Moving forward along the starboard side, a three-sided frame sticking up from the banked sand would have been part of a deckhouse covering the boiler.’
    • ‘There might be an additional superstructure or deckhouse at the stern.’
    • ‘The DLR has become the latest corporate supporter of The Cutty Sark Trust after donating £5,000 to help ensure the deckhouses are sufficiently watertight to withstand the rain.’
    • ‘On top of the deckhouse there is an aluminium wheelhouse with 360 deg visibility.’
    • ‘Aluminum is used in hulls, deckhouses, and hatch covers of commercial ships, as well as in equipment items, such as ladders, railings, gratings, windows, and doors.’
    • ‘Through the companionway at the after end of the deckhouse, you'll see a lounge area to port with a love seat that converts to a berth.’
    • ‘A short way further aft the tracks that the float planes were launched from were clearly visible and they terminated upon meeting the aft deckhouse.’
    • ‘The remains of a deckhouse above the stern and a sturdy post are actually the base of a small gun-mount.’
    • ‘The steel kit for the hull and steel portions of the deckhouse and aft shelter were processed by the Yards Profiling Facilities before being assembled in the steel building hall in Macduff.’
    • ‘Since the Fearless was sunk in 1985, much of the wooden structure has decayed, leaving only frames and fittings where the wheelhouse and forward deckhouse once stood.’
    • ‘Dropping aft to main deck level, the walls of the deckhouse are decayed, the inside filled with debris.’
    • ‘The vessel is dual decked and the aluminium deckhouse is fitted aft of midship.’
    berth, stateroom, compartment, room, sleeping quarters
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