Definition of decision in English:



  • 1A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.

    ‘I'll make the decision on my own’
    ‘the editor's decision is final’
    • ‘Doctors should supply patients with sufficient information to reach an informed decision about their health care.’
    • ‘We posted the letters to head teachers because they are the ones that make the decisions.’
    • ‘After the workshop I will summarise the key decisions and feed these back to you all.’
    • ‘My parents had questioned my decision to stay, but it had never turned to an argument.’
    • ‘In TV a lot of people who make editorial decisions have never had any cause to come here.’
    • ‘They are individuals with a right to make their own decisions and their own mistakes.’
    • ‘People can advise me, he said, but at the end of the day I make the decisions about my health.’
    • ‘We view all properties together and make decisions on what we will buy and sell together.’
    • ‘The selectors may have tough decisions to make but we have to take our strongest side.’
    • ‘My mother was the one who made all the noise, but my father made all the decisions.’
    • ‘We stress that our board has made no decisions in respect of closure or any other option.’
    • ‘He warned that it was time to make some tough decisions about the library service.’
    • ‘At no time did Ian question his decision to take up the challenge.’
    • ‘It seems like she was detached from it all, prepared to let them take the decisions for her.’
    • ‘No one would have questioned his decision not to stay at home with the kids.’
    • ‘Selling up was one of the best decisions he ever made, he says, but so was staying on after the sale.’
    • ‘Two controversial refereeing decisions were to have a big bearing on the final outcome.’
    • ‘Editors can make decisions and take action whether they are in the office or outside it.’
    • ‘He was said to be hard working, honest and not someone who would make rash decisions.’
    • ‘He has to make tough decisions about who is and who isn't going to play in each series of matches.’
    resolution, conclusion, settlement, commitment, resolve, determination
    verdict, finding, ruling, recommendation, judgement, pronouncement, adjudgement, adjudication, arbitration
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    1. 1.1 The action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.
      ‘the information was used as the basis for decision’
      • ‘For hundreds of thousands of voters, the time of decision is over already.’
      • ‘This is an absolutely critical moment of decision for the whole World Trade Organisation.’
      • ‘However, Hilbert's view that such an automatic method of decision does exist was not universally shared.’
      • ‘History will remember that day not only as a day of tragedy but as a day of decision - when the civilized world was stirred to anger and to action.’
      • ‘After a few minutes of decision, I pulled out extremely tight jeans and a sleek black top.’
      • ‘Again and again in America's history, our citizens have faced crucial moments of decision.’
      • ‘Joffre's strength was his ability to remain calm in a crisis and to retain the power of decision.’
      • ‘There are different moments of decision arising because of different conditions.’
      • ‘He told us in no uncertain terms that Ireland must choose and that this was a time of testing, a time of decision.’
      • ‘We can give you examples and bring you to the moment of decision, but you have to do all the rest.’
      • ‘The element of decision had gone, and it was this sense of helpless inability to influence events that robbed me of courage.’
      • ‘However, all of its members were appointed by the monarch, its meetings were held in secret, and it had no powers of decision.’
      • ‘As the argument on it developed three questions emerged for decision.’
    2. 1.2 A formal judgment.
      ‘last year's Supreme Court decision’
      • ‘The tribunal's final decision is still pending.’
      • ‘The applicant sought review of the Tribunal's decision in the Federal Magistrates Court.’
      • ‘The county court's decision in favour of the plaintiff was reversed by the Divisional Court.’
      • ‘In terms of the loss sought, the claimant asserts that he was left unemployed by virtue of the decision of the defendant.’
      • ‘All councillors have been invited to the meeting to ask questions but any decision will be made by the executive alone.’
      • ‘Finally, the authority had nothing to gain by seeking to influence the decision against the claimant.’
      • ‘It does not sit in judgment on whether the planning authority's decision to enforce planning control was wise.’
      • ‘Moreover, it is not my role to challenge the legality of every substantive decision on the part of the Council.’
      • ‘I understand that an application has been made for a Judicial Review of the Tribunal decision.’
      • ‘Even the legislature cannot simply overturn a judicial decision.’
      • ‘The claimant failed in an attempt to get a judicial review of a decision by the Press Complaints Commission.’
      • ‘For this reason, in my judgment, the decision of the Tribunal on this issue is flawed and cannot stand.’
      • ‘In an area as sensitive as this it does appear to us appropriate to show a degree of deference to the legislators' decision.’
      • ‘We'll bring you the judge's decision in her case as soon as we hear it.’
      • ‘On that date the second Tribunal affirmed the decision not to grant the applicant a protection visa.’
      • ‘But no one decision will be a binding precedent as a strict rule of law.’
      • ‘This is an application for judicial review of a decision of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal.’
      • ‘But Mr Wilson, who claims he owns the land, says his family has nowhere else to go and he will fight the decision all the way.’
      • ‘Any party seeking to challenge a judicial decision must move with expedition.’
      • ‘If anything the information now relied upon tends to support rather than undermine the magistrate's decision.’
    3. 1.3 The ability or tendency to make decisions quickly; decisiveness.
      ‘she was a woman of decision’
      • ‘She stared into his face for a long time before she spoke again, and when she did, it was in a tone of decision.’
      • ‘The Council said it will reach a final decision on the planning application within the next two to three weeks.’
      decisiveness, determination, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, firmness
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    4. 1.4Boxing The awarding of a fight, in the absence of a knockout or technical knockout, to the boxer with the most rounds won or with the most points.
      • ‘I'm guessing that Ellis would have won a decision if the fight had gone the distance.’
      • ‘Yet he passed this first test with flying colors, fighting his way to a ten round decision.’
      • ‘Three months later Al again failed to beat the clever Martin dropping a ten round decision.’
      • ‘The fight went to a technical decision after an accidental clash of heads in the fourth round.’
      • ‘Then came the most controversial decision of the night with the home boxer being awarded a majority decision.’
    5. 1.5Baseball A win or a loss assigned to a pitcher.


Late Middle English: from Latin decisio(n-), from decidere determine (see decide).