Definition of deciding in US English:



  • Serving to resolve or settle something.

    ‘quality service is often the deciding factor for customers’
    • ‘But there was one deciding factor: although she had to pay to get herself and her son to the hospital, the treatment, once there, was free.’
    • ‘It is understood that the university's reputation for medicine and life sciences could be a deciding factor in the firm's decision on the site for its new venture.’
    • ‘Amid controversy about the value of bottled water against mains water, experts have advised Scots consumers that where they live should be the deciding factor.’
    • ‘If I struggle, I can remember the new bicycle sitting on the porch on the morning of my birthday that year, and how I overheard much later that it had been a deciding factor in her decision.’
    • ‘Ultimately, how you handle yourself at the crucial moment is the deciding factor for a winner.’
    • ‘He was an older man and a business owner with money, so that was a deciding factor in her decision to rush into marriage.’
    • ‘The point here is this, even though away goals are not often the deciding factor they certainly appear to have a major psychological influence on proceedings.’
    • ‘Again, this was the deciding factor in my decision to put my money behind SACD.’
    • ‘As ever, the availability of financial resources from City of York Council would be the deciding factor in any such project.’
    • ‘Mr Howden said his mother moved to Bellingham Road around seven years ago and ‘a major deciding factor’ was the fact the bus went right past her door.’
    • ‘The closure of the pool, the closest to the university, may be a deciding factor in students coming here or not.’
    • ‘And stamina while playing a computer may be the deciding factor in this match.’
    • ‘So more and more the final decision comes down to personal preference and the deciding factor of price.’
    • ‘For some, the cost of living will top the bill; for others, a vibrant cultural life will be more important; others might rate healthcare or freedom of speech as the deciding factor.’
    • ‘Then when I went training with them, there was a lot of professionalism and enjoyment in it, and that was the deciding factor.’
    • ‘Being a player short was the deciding factor in Burnholme's 78-81 home defeat against Ainsty in the Fellowship Cup.’
    • ‘For opponents of the euro, and they are not exclusively Conservative, that was a signal that a political determination, not an economic one, will be the deciding factor.’
    • ‘The deciding factor was whether a collapse of confidence would ricochet across the industry, triggering mass withdrawals of funds from life companies and widespread consumer panic.’
    • ‘An injury to Rossendale goalkeeper John Gillies proved to be the deciding factor in this match.’
    • ‘However, the stress and strain of playing in such a demanding tournament could be the deciding factor between the two finalists.’
    determining, decisive, conclusive, final, settling, key, pivotal, crucial, critical, most influential, significant, major, chief, principal, prime, paramount
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