Definition of decently in English:



  • 1In a way that conforms with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior.

    ‘parents can teach their children how to behave decently’
    ‘customers were treated decently’
    • ‘According to the Code, members must, in their dealings with consumers, other businesses and each other, act decently, fairly and reasonably at all times.’
    • ‘I guess that's his standard line - if we behave decently, so will they.’
    • ‘We've tended to believe that conflict and difference can be resolved by rationality, by negotiating, by treating all sides decently and fairly.’
    • ‘Anyone raised decently would want a kid.’
    • ‘The system makes it difficult for immigrants to work and be treated decently by landlords.’
    • ‘We do not need magic or messiahs to help us live decently, to provide an ethical code.’
    • ‘We've acted honorably, decently.’
    • ‘Can we get men to behave decently to each other if they no longer believe in God?’
    • ‘The counselor has maneuvered her into a situation where she can no longer act sensibly and decently.’
    • ‘I wish I'd lived more quietly and decently.’
    1. 1.1 To a fair and appropriate degree; fittingly.
      ‘they would like to be decently paid for the work they do’
      ‘a decently priced restaurant’
      • ‘The large percentage of undocumented recent immigrants have little access to decently paying jobs.’
      • ‘At lunchtime, all the 25 tapas come in at a ridiculously cheap 1.50, and in the evening remain decently priced at 3.50.’
      • ‘Everything was pretty good, reasonably portioned, and was decently priced overall.’
      • ‘We need to encourage more health professionals to come west, but only decently funded hospitals will make that happen.’
      • ‘We were, therefore, led to believe that MPs were decently paid.’
      • ‘Why didn't they move to where the work was, when decades before millions had migrated north to find decently paying jobs?’
      • ‘Economists sometimes contend that it makes no difference whether officialdom is decently paid or underpaid and makes it up by taking bribes.’
      • ‘If they tipped decently, they probably were not gunning for you.’
      • ‘How else does one decently put this, but: "Are you are as nice as you look?"’
      • ‘Yesterday's Stock Exchange announcement from Manchester United holds out the prospect of a decently priced bid.’
    2. 1.2 In a manner that is not likely to shock or embarrass others.
      ‘she must dress decently and not flash too much flesh’
      • ‘They also found patients, some with dementia, were sometimes not covered decently or suffered a lack of dignity.’
      • ‘He also adjusted her top so that she was more decently covered.’
      • ‘Their bodies, thinned by rigorous fasting and scarred by the disciplines of self-mortification, were decently concealed by long dark robes.’
      • ‘Men also have to dress decently.’
      • ‘We are only trying to ensure that students dress decently and modestly, in a way that befits our culture.’
      • ‘We must ensure that patients are fully clothed and decently clothed.’
      • ‘She refused to accept their strictures, arguing that the colour in her scarf should not matter as long as she was decently covered.’
      • ‘So I endured a trip to the supermarket best I could, my legs decently covered.’
      • ‘He has always something to say about everything and can't use decently moderated language regardless of the situation.’
      • ‘I have to pay bus fares to work and be decently dressed.’
  • 2To an acceptable or comfortable standard; satisfactorily.

    ‘the chances of getting enough cash to live decently are poor’
    ‘the interior is decently furnished’
    • ‘Calcium inhibits fluoride but if you are low on vitamins and calcium, the neurological effect is greater than those decently fed.’
    • ‘However, the new administration intends to ensure our elderly residents are decently housed and are fully consulted.’
    • ‘The dancers, although decently trained, lack uniformly good bodies and fire.’
    • ‘Families should be reasonably, decently nourished.’
    • ‘There are also some well-chosen illustrations, very decently reproduced on art paper.’
    • ‘What we do have is a decently paced script that builds the tension small step by small step.’
    • ‘It's also decently fuel-efficient, a Low Emissions Vehicle, and crash-tests well for its size.’
    • ‘A huge statue of Lenin pointed the way forward in front of the city hall, the only decently maintained building in town.’
    • ‘The prospect of the government's finances returning to structural deficit runs afoul of the notion that a surplus must be maintained now if those who retire in ten years' time are to be decently provided for.’
    • ‘It was possible to live in that country decently and comfortably if you weren't actively opposing the regime.’
    1. 2.1 Fairly well.
      ‘he batted decently but not spectacularly’
      ‘the thriller was decently received by reviewers’
      • ‘Both Spain and Italy played decently in spells but could not find a cutting edge.’
      • ‘Although the system works decently, it has an annoying tendency to lock onto either an inanimate object or another enemy all on its own.’
      • ‘The taxi driver spoke decently good English and said he had been to Toronto, something that curiously put me at ease.’
      • ‘We expect it to perform the task of driving down the road decently well.’
      • ‘The ballet proved decently enough danced at a creditable second-tier level; the women, however, markedly outmatched the men.’
      • ‘The action scenes are choreographed decently, but lack any originality and punch.’
      • ‘Welcome to another movie which starts decently, looks promising - and then completely collapses at the end.’
      • ‘While the 500S performed decently for most tasks, it wasn't up to snuff for hard-core gamers.’
      • ‘Sharpness, color saturation, and other video components are otherwise decently done.’
      • ‘Singers worked on their projection and enunciation so that the primitive recording technology would render their voices at least halfway decently.’