Definition of decapitation strike in US English:

decapitation strike


  • A debilitating military attack, especially one aimed at the enemy's leadership.

    • ‘The strikes are being characterised as a decapitation strike and they are targeted specifically at command and control nodes.’
    • ‘And of course, this has been the issue since the beginning of the war, with that first so-called preemptive decapitation strike two days before the ground war started.’
    • ‘They tossed out their original blueprint and went for the decapitation strike because they had quite solid information on where he was.’
    • ‘Intelligence experts believe that if he survived the two decapitation strikes against him during the conflict he has most likely fled to Syria.’
    • ‘In future warfare (combat operations), opposing sides will attach special importance to the so-called decapitation strikes on troops and weapons command and control systems.’