Definition of debt-free in US English:



  • Not owing any money.

    ‘the family business is healthy and completely debt-free’
    • ‘The Ivy League school offers something few college students would pass up - a debt-free graduation.’
    • ‘Furthermore, I am satisfied to be leaving the company debt-free at the end of my tenure, which is saying something in this environment.’
    • ‘He has a debt-free balance sheet and $2 billion in cash.’
    • ‘They are a profitable, debt-free business with one of the best-known sports brands globally.’
    • ‘The company is solidly profitable and virtually debt-free.’
    • ‘But debt-free status is not without potential threat.’
    • ‘Building up cash over the next 12 months allows you to be debt-free next New Year's Eve.’
    • ‘He projects the auto group will be debt-free in the next five to seven years.’
    • ‘Would you be able to live a debt-free existence?’
    • ‘The couple are using debt-free living and the pursuit of education as their keys to financial freedom.’
    • ‘If all goes well, I can be debt-free by next year.’
    • ‘In any event you should try to be totally debt-free when you reach retirement age.’
    • ‘Even a fairly healthy, debt-free business has plenty of difficulties to navigate.’
    • ‘The difference is that when I graduated, my parents and I were debt-free.’
    • ‘Our government has just announced that they are debt-free.’
    • ‘The Hills' goal is to become totally debt-free.’
    • ‘Sure you could destroy your credit card and live debt-free, but freedom from debt is no replacement for cool stuff.’
    • ‘Craig said a debt-free province is good, but now the focus needs to shift onto the municipalities and what they need to do to get out of debt.’
    • ‘Experts argue that choosing a debt-free approach to entrepreneurship may have a negative influence on a company's value at sale time.’
    • ‘It is wise to live as debt-free as possible.’
    solvent, able to pay its debts, not in debt, out of debt, in the black, in funds, in credit, creditworthy, of good financial standing, solid, secure
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