Definition of debilitation in US English:



  • See debilitate

    • ‘Given the frequency with which depression occurs in our society, the length of time it can last, and the extent of debilitation that can result, methods for coping with this illness are essential.’
    • ‘For bedridden patients unable to perform personal hygiene measures because of acute illness or chronic debilitation, the bed bath has long been a measure for improving hygiene and comfort.’
    • ‘A hilarious script to begin with, moving towards severity in the end, as grave issues of child marriage, unwanted pregnancies and the consequent debilitation of the girls involved, unfolded.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of the inspection, members of the fire authority were appraised of the main issues contained within the report and urged to take early action to prevent further debilitation of the service.’
    • ‘I've struggled to do as much work as I can through it, but the debilitation it's caused has frustrated me no end.’