Definition of deballast in US English:



[with object]
  • Remove ballast from (a ship) in order to increase its buoyancy.

    ‘deballast the temporary launching barge until the end of the buoyant tower floats’
    • ‘After the deck is transferred, the GBS is deballasted to the tow draft and prepared for the ocean tow.’
    • ‘Had there been a leak between cargo and ballast tank as the vessel was loaded, so the oil would have flowed from cargo to ballast and then out into the sea as the vessel was deballasted.’
    • ‘The vessel had completed the discharge of a full load of barges and was then deballasted to her usual seagoing condition of 4.25m draught even keel.’
    • ‘Currently, the best option for minimizing such introductions is deballasting and reballasting a ship in mid-ocean areas.’