Definition of deb in US English:



  • short for debutante
    • ‘Dance classes have started for debs every Sunday at the Band Hall in Magellan Street (behind the Girl Guides Hall) from 4 pm.’
    • ‘While visiting a local go-go, Sonny sees a dreary deb named Diane getting hassled by a man and he slips her a note.’
    • ‘Lilian, tall and slim and intellectual, seemed ill at ease among the debs and toffs.’
    • ‘Naively, I thought we had walked into a debs' ball when we arrived into a sea of gorgeous young girls in evening gowns.’
    • ‘Society deb Margarita Samas is said to have invented this cocktail in 1948 beside her Acapulco swimming pool.’
    • ‘The debs were stunning and their escorts quite ‘swish ‘in a ceremony which drew spontaneous applause from the gathering.’’
    • ‘If you want to look your best for a special occasion such as a wedding or debs' ball the place to go is undoubtedly The Beauty Rooms.’
    • ‘It could be on the shoulders of the ‘new boys’ that victory may rest, lads like championship debs Cullen and Fleming.’
    • ‘The debs danced through the night away and went on to breakfast at 6 am.’
    • ‘She was then regarded as debutante with no great beauty to flaunt but who, in the words of a fellow deb, ‘could really turn on the headlights’ when needed.’
    • ‘At night he was a deb's delight at coming-out balls.’
    • ‘I stood amongst a small circle of women, which consisted of two girls that I had known when I was a deb.’
    • ‘He says that even during his days as a deb's escort, he was never a great womaniser.’
    • ‘This year Jessica Powell gives the girl's side of the debs ' story.’
    • ‘The belle of the ball gown, Mary Vidler, came up with the idea for a ball for older debs.’
    • ‘The young man looked smart in his suit and bow-tie, the young lady stunning in her deb's dress, the picture of happiness and carefree youth.’
    • ‘As a mark of respect to their former school-mate, students have postponed their debs' ball which was planned for July 5.’
    • ‘As young debs they were punished for their background; far from being indulged, they were often singled out for the most miserable and menial work.’
    • ‘DC has a huge percentage of Southern debs, trophy wives, Hollywood starlets with a pet policy issue and ambitious hotties on the rise.’
    • ‘He began as a court photographer, taking pictures of debs, but pretty soon went to work for magazines.’