Definition of death sentence in US English:

death sentence


  • 1A sentence to be put to death for a capital crime.

    • ‘You can say he is dispensable to some extent, and in fact the death sentence on a man like him has actually turned him into a martyr.’
    • ‘Until recently anyone caught carrying out such acts would have received the death sentence.’
    • ‘If there is no foreign DNA at the crime scene then the death sentence should immediately become a non-option.’
    • ‘Weighing this and the other findings, the jury could not unanimously agree to impose the death sentence.’
    • ‘Everybody knows the death sentence for sociopaths is not a detraction, it doesn't work.’
    • ‘I don't believe that I would want the perpetrator of the crime to be given a death sentence (if this were an option).’
    • ‘She believes it is not the worst who receive a death sentence, but those who have the worst counsel.’
    • ‘They were all given jail sentences and only Elliott was given the death sentence.’
    • ‘The death sentence meets the sentencing requirements for extreme cases of murder more effectively than any other sentence can do.’
    • ‘They were convicted of the crime, but Darrow saved them from a death sentence.’
    • ‘The appeals courts are very meticulous about making sure every death sentence is appropriate.’
    • ‘I mean, there are some crimes that give an automatic death sentence.’
    • ‘Here they would hand out judgement on outstanding cases and remind people that the law ruled their lives and wrongdoing could result in the death sentence.’
    • ‘He is being tried as an adult in nearby Chesapeake, VA, and also faces a possible death sentence.’
    • ‘The charges could have potentially resulted in a death sentence for the lieutenant.’
    • ‘The new law now gives the sentencing judge the choice of imposing either a death sentence or a life sentence for the same crime.’
    • ‘He'd also ordered that she be given the most extreme punishment… not a life sentence, but a death sentence.’
    • ‘It is up to the panel of judges to decide whether they will impose the death sentence or a life sentence for me.’
    • ‘Attorneys said it is not known how many people have pleaded guilty to a capital offense and asked for a death sentence.’
    • ‘We all know that the only punishment that fits the crime of child rape and murder is the death sentence.’
    1. 1.1 A disastrous result or outcome.
      ‘the market crash was a death sentence for many dot-coms’
      • ‘After all, he did willingly write himself a death sentence when he took those pictures of Jock that time before.’
      • ‘And know that cancer is not a death sentence - or even the end of a baseball career.’
      • ‘For the chronically disabled Potter, life was a death sentence; but he would have the last word.’
      • ‘Anyone who contravenes the taboo against making historical comparisons brings a moral death sentence down on himself.’
      • ‘Today guys act like two hours in a suit at a wedding is a death sentence.’
      • ‘Service in the armed forces can be risky, but it is not tantamount to a death sentence.’
      • ‘Equally surprising is that Glennon is so eager to pronounce a death sentence on the Security Council today.’
      • ‘Civilians are still being displaced, women are still being raped, and going home is a death sentence.’
      • ‘In this lakeside town in Kenya, having smelly feet could be a death sentence.’
      • ‘To disagree with the guild master was foolhardy, but to blatantly contradict his words was a death sentence.’
      • ‘Yes, what he did was sleazy, but it didn't warrant, they say, a journalistic death sentence.’
      • ‘An offending hawthorn will bite the dust and a small stand of Virginia creeper has been issued a death sentence.’
      • ‘Revealing a weak spot was a death sentence, and he had become the sentencer.’
      • ‘His comments will serve as a death sentence to Americans in the region.’


death sentence