Definition of death certificate in US English:

death certificate


  • An official statement, signed by a physician, of the cause, date, and place of a person's death.

    • ‘When there is no trace of corpse, who will issue the death certificate?’
    • ‘Suggested reforms included setting up an independent body to pick the second doctor who signs the death certificate.’
    • ‘We sat with her for around three hours this morning after we'd heard, waiting for the doctor to come and sign the death certificate.’
    • ‘We recorded the cause of death from the original death certificate, which was normally completed by a consultant.’
    • ‘There won't be a death certificate, and the body will have disappeared by now.’
    • ‘A junior doctor issued a death certificate which stated that he died from a form of pneumonia but tests later revealed he may have suffered a heart attack.’
    • ‘The doctor signed the death certificate, and it was picked up that evening.’
    • ‘Currently when a patient dies, the GP writes a death certificate and gives it to the family of the deceased.’
    • ‘After Day's death, her family fought to have the official race on her death certificate changed from white back to black.’
    • ‘Currently when a body is to be cremated, the second doctor to sign the death certificate can be a colleague of the doctor who treated the patient.’
    • ‘The coroner also stressed the family of the deceased had a right to obtain a death certificate which would allow them to put the deceased man's affairs in order.’
    • ‘The coroner expedites the paperwork for a death certificate, and the funeral director secures a burial license.’
    • ‘So, when you signed the death certificate, you weren't sure the man was dead, were you?’
    • ‘The date and underlying cause of death were obtained from the death certificate.’
    • ‘The death certificate recorded that an autopsy had found the cause to be heart failure.’
    • ‘She verified the elder son was dead and went to the kitchen to sign the death certificate.’
    • ‘Misclassification of outcome might have occurred, in that cardiovascular and cancer causes of death could have been overlooked in the death certificate.’
    • ‘Gagnon had tried to dispose of Hamel's body at two funeral homes who refused to accept the body without an official death certificate.’
    • ‘On her death certificate the doctor recorded that the town's oldest Marlburian had died simply of old age.’
    • ‘After his death I asked the doctor providing the death certificate to state on the form that my father was a non-smoker.’


death certificate

/deTH ˌsərˈtifəkāt//dɛθ ˌsərˈtɪfəkeɪt/