Definition of death adder in US English:

death adder


  • A venomous Australian snake with a thin wormlike tail that it uses to lure birds and other prey.

    Genus Acanthophis, family Elapidae: three species, in particular A. antarcticus

    • ‘Cobras can cause local swelling, blistering, and necrosis; other Elapidae such as kraits, coral snakes, and Australian death adders produce negligible local envenoming.’
    • ‘The program profiles two staff members of the Australian Reptile Park as they search for one of Australia's deadliest snakes - the death adder.’
    • ‘‘We need something like 50 to 60 death adders to milk every two weeks in order to provide a sufficient quantity of venom,’ Weigel estimated.’
    • ‘The islands are nature reserves and provide refuges for such diverse wildlife as Cape Barren geese, sea lions, tammar wallabies and death adders.’
    • ‘At one point I stumble and come within inches of stepping on a death adder - ‘one of the deadliest snakes in Papua,’ Woolford tells me later.’