Definition of dealing in English:



  • 1usually dealingsA business relation or transaction.

    ‘they had dealings with an insurance company’
    • ‘Neither had been unduly concerned about the initial probe into foreign exchange dealings at the bank.’
    • ‘They have achieved that through sound business dealings and good management.’
    • ‘Tang has asked the public to put up with a jittery stock market while his government cracks down on illicit dealings among politicians and businessmen.’
    • ‘He knew them from previous dealings on behalf of the company of which he had been a director.’
    • ‘As a consequence of their experience dealing with the private sector, the public is becoming accustomed to transparent transactions in their commercial dealings.’
    • ‘Whatever your feelings about his illegal dealings with an Indian bookmaker, he was a real leader of men.’
    • ‘Soros professes his allegiance to two masters: maximizing private profit in his market dealings and the public good in his philanthropy.’
    • ‘After bringing the railways to the city, he fell from grace over dodgy financial dealings.’
    • ‘Settlements and compromises in business dealings are made through mediation and discussion.’
    • ‘A hundred years ago Bradford's beautiful Wool Exchange resounded with dealings of bowler-hatted haggling merchants.’
    • ‘This focus on broader engagement is further emphasised when it comes to the organisation's dealings with the business community.’
    • ‘As a result, the firm will need to have very scrupulous business practices in its dealings with those to whom it sells its services.’
    • ‘The probe appears to center on his dealings with several businesses in his district, including one that reportedly paid off some of his credit card bills’
    • ‘All sides were bound by shady dealings in drugs and weapons.’
    • ‘Now this is, by all outward appearances, an adult, grown woman who seemed to have her faculties about her and could engage in reasonable dealings in the business world.’
    • ‘A senior figure from the business community likened his dealings with Mulvihill to those with Japanese businessmen.’
    • ‘She too was upset at city council for backroom dealings.’
    • ‘We're certainly looking into real estate transactions and business dealings.’
    • ‘I have never had any financial dealings or any financial contact with him, " added Mr Lowry.’
    • ‘There are millions who never resort to violence or abuse others, who never are dishonest, selfish or greedy in their business dealings.’
    business methods, business practices, business, commerce, trading, trafficking, marketing, merchandising, transactions, financial transactions
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    1. 1.1 A personal connection or association with someone.
      ‘my dealings with David consisted of giving him his late-night formula’
      • ‘I'm finding that I'm starting to incorporate honesty a bit more often into my dealings with people lately.’
      • ‘The original draft called for associates to refrain from ‘all social intercourse and dealings with disloyal persons’.’
      • ‘My only direct dealing with the intelligence services was as a Minister of the Crown involved in a citizenship case.’
      • ‘He was very gracious in his dealings with people.’
      • ‘He was a thoroughly ethical person in all his dealings, personal and political.’
      • ‘‘Confidence in the system starts with people's everyday dealings with the police,’ Wallace rightly points out.’
      • ‘In fact, stereotypical thinking plays a more powerful role in our dealings with people from other cultures than we care to admit.’
      • ‘The service provided guarantees complete confidentiality in all dealings and contacts with victims and all services are provided free of charge.’
      • ‘Does that also make me less open in my dealings with my fellow man?’
      • ‘He is a people person, as is demonstrated in his career, which meant constant dealings with people, and in his concern about the problems of people of all ages in New Zealand.’
      • ‘Pleasant and affable in his dealings with people, he commanded great regard throughout the community.’
      • ‘But I know from everyday dealings with people dealing with difficult moral situations that the subtlety or complexity of the issues they face can be almost overwhelming.’
      • ‘They emphasised that volunteers must be non-judgmental in their dealings with people and non-directive in their counselling.’
      • ‘I said that I'd always kept all my dealings and associations out in the open, and that I wouldn't do it, thank you.’
      • ‘So it is little surprise that teachers feel this collapse of their authority in their dealings with young people.’
      • ‘The strange thing is I hardly know the fellow and have had no personal dealings with him.’
      • ‘I think one thing about it is just that day to day, in my dealings with people, my mother raised me right, so I try to be polite.’
      • ‘A man of many noble qualities, Frank was always conscientious in his dealings with people.’
      • ‘A kind, good natured and most conscientious gentleman, Jimmy was well qualified in his career and always brought the personal touch to his dealings with people.’
      • ‘Yet, he was most diplomatic in his dealings with people of other persuasions, always respecting their views and loyalties.’
      relations, relationship, association, connections, contact, intercourse, interchange, communication, negotiations, bargaining, operations, transactions, proceedings
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    2. 1.2 The activity of buying and selling a particular commodity.
      ‘car dealing’
      ‘drug dealing’
      • ‘He denied using false names or addresses in his car dealings.’
      • ‘Most Americans will not give two hoots that share dealings start in New York today, and who can blame them?’
      • ‘Drug dealing is not simply a business transaction: it exploits people.’
      • ‘An investor tracking the directors' share dealings would have made substantial gains and significantly outperformed the market.’
      • ‘However, defence witnesses have claimed that the state of the negotiations at the time of the share dealing was so uncertain as to make any knowledge non-price sensitive.’
      • ‘In 1995 angry shareholders wrote to the department demanding an inquiry amid allegations of improper share dealings by the controlling director of the company.’
      • ‘He used Rease as one of a number of ‘foot soldiers’ to front lucrative crack dealing businesses in the city.’
      • ‘Alien smugglers are also often involved in murder and drug dealings, so local officials believe their efforts will have a multiplier effect on other crime.’
      • ‘Regrettably, no shareholder asked any questions about the substantial director share dealings that have taken place in recent months.’
      • ‘Police will also have the power to charge owners or managers allowing the dealing of drugs.’
      • ‘Share dealing can be accomplished with just a couple of clicks of the mouse or even down the telephone line.’
      • ‘Most of them relate to the failure of directors to notify dealings in shares within the prescribed period, which is five days.’
      • ‘Mrs Wood said 50 of the tablets in his house belonged to a friend and that all his drug dealing had been to ‘friends and acquaintances’.’
      • ‘The late Mr. Carroll was a farmer by occupation and was involved in the cattle dealing business in his younger days.’
      • ‘That same day the Department of Trade and Industry announced it was to re-open its inquiry into his share dealings.’
      • ‘Three were imprisoned for robbery, one for theft and one for drug dealing.’
      • ‘Share dealing is supposed to be people risking their money in order to gain high profits.’
      • ‘But criminal laws already exist which prohibit such racist harassment, along with the drug dealing and violence the government says it wants to stamp out.’
      • ‘There are few issues more contentious than directors' share dealings.’
      • ‘Drug dealing was perceived to be the biggest problem by around 10 per cent of both groups who completed the questionnaire.’
  • 2The particular way in which someone behaves toward others.

    ‘fair dealing came naturally to him’
    • ‘The Calvin family had a long-standing reputation for fair dealing.’
    • ‘However, they've rarely turned their eye on themselves to assess just what sort of dirty dealing may be going on in-house.’
    • ‘The innovation and spirit of fair dealing does not stop at the cellar door.’
    • ‘He had, according to the City regulators, breached its principles and its high standards of integrity and fair dealing.’
    • ‘Throughout their careers, the Richmans earned the trust and respect of countless sports luminaries because of their honest yet fair dealing in print.’
    • ‘This obligation of good faith and fair dealing is difficult to define. The best definition is at paragraph 98 of the Wallace case as follows.’
    • ‘A firm believer in personal supervision, he has established a high reputation for integrity and fair dealing and the result has been steady growth of a large and satisfied clientele.’
    • ‘In much that has been written about the Gracchan era the ruling classes have been blamed for the decay of honesty and fair dealing.’
    • ‘I think that, increasingly, if capitalism survives at all, fair dealing will become good business, and an inability to do it will be a handicap - in some ways it already is.’
    • ‘TCC possessed a strong reputation for fair dealing and solid business acumen, based in large part on the founder's own reputation.’
    • ‘Principles and ethics is number one: fair dealing, honesty, morality, taking care of your family, getting married and having children.’
    • ‘My career is a model of tough, fair dealing and fantastic success - without shortcuts, without breaking the law.’
    • ‘The secret to success in life is honesty and fair dealing.’
    • ‘Justice is subdivided into piety, honesty, equity, and fair dealing.’
    • ‘Once a jockey himself, he took a keen interest in his riders and was noted for fair dealing and prompt payment.’
    • ‘It would enable there to be fair and sensible dealing between landlords and tenants.’
    • ‘It would be inconsistent with natural justice and fair dealing for the court to permit the Trustee to now claim an interest in the Properties.’
    • ‘The exchange must be able and willing to promote and maintain high standards of integrity and fair dealing in the carrying on of investment business…’
    • ‘They have the chance to devise and present to the electorate a definitive programme to outlaw sleaze, repair the constitution and imbue public life with a new spirit of transparency and fair dealing.’
    • ‘One was to protect and promote the public health; the second was to promote honesty and fair dealing in the marketplace.’