Definition of dealer in English:



  • 1A person or business that buys and sells goods.

    ‘a car dealer’
    • ‘An antique shop, founded by a mother and son, has been named the best dealer in the North.’
    • ‘This is where he has completed the long and sometimes painful transition from politician to car dealer.’
    • ‘He is said to have been active as a business consultant and property dealer.’
    • ‘If the check is not completed within three business days, a dealer may proceed with the sale.’
    • ‘A respected art dealer is busted for selling a Cheyenne war bonnet.’
    • ‘What if your machine tool dealer decides not to sell you a machine if you intend to manufacture guns on it?’
    • ‘Under existing regulations, there is no requirement that one has to be a licensed motor vehicle dealer to import cars from overseas.’
    • ‘A DNA test determined that the remains were those of the missing car dealer.’
    • ‘Like any business, car dealers have only so much money to spend on advertising.’
    • ‘The son of an egg, poultry and cheese dealer in Les Halles market in Paris, Monsieur Boursin did something very simple and very clever.’
    • ‘One, a senior British former soldier and arms dealer, closed his business and left the country.’
    • ‘These strains were procured from a local dealer in horticultural plants.’
    • ‘He is a dealer in gemstones and estate jewelry, with offices in Saint Louis and New York.’
    • ‘Art dealers who travel on business can expect it to cost more next year.’
    • ‘The relative assumed that he was calculating or writing something concerning his business as a property dealer.’
    • ‘The average gun dealer is an honest businessman or woman who's a pillar in their communities.’
    • ‘Start by contacting the manufacturer to find an authorized dealer in your area who can equip your tractor with a roll bar and a seat belt.’
    • ‘Medhurst, who edited The Prophetic Messenger from 1828 to 1847, was also known as a dealer in occult manuscripts.’
    • ‘The dealer sells you a car and allows you to take it home immediately.’
    • ‘In a number of states, zoning laws are pressuring gun dealers to limit their businesses.’
    trader, tradesman, tradesperson, merchant, salesman, saleswoman, salesperson, seller, buyer, buyer and seller, marketeer, merchandiser, distributor, supplier, vendor, shopkeeper, retailer, wholesaler, purveyor, marketer, trafficker, pedlar, hawker
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    1. 1.1 A person who buys and sells shares, securities, or other financial assets as a principal (rather than as a broker or agent)
      See also broker-dealer
      • ‘Purchasing securities from a primary dealer and paying for them with cash adds liquidity to the banking system.’
      • ‘Among the crowd of dealers and speculators at one recent session was a man who gave his name only as Ali.’
      • ‘The bid price is the price at which the dealer is willing to buy a security and the ask price is the price at which the dealer is willing to sell the security.’
      • ‘Hedge funds' arrival in force creates risks and opportunities for local dealers and asset managers.’
      • ‘There's no doubt the market thinks so, with dealers marking down its shares a mere 10p to 1620p on this news.’
      • ‘The euro was launched as an electronic currency in 1999 for use by banks, stockbrokers, and foreign exchange dealers.’
      • ‘Twenty-three financial institutions, primary dealers, took part in the auction on October 25.’
      • ‘Among the pioneers of e-commerce were the banks, dealers in stocks and shares, and booksellers like Amazon.’
      • ‘As such sentiment swept the market, dealers reported a rush by investors to switch out of bonds and into stocks, fearing they could miss out on a major rally by equities.’
      • ‘While we are selling motor insurance policies via dealers we will use brokers for our group personal accident insurance policy.’
      • ‘Bagri predicts that baffled investors and dealers will stop trading.’
      • ‘On the one hand they crave the luxurious lifestyles of the corporate executives and financial dealers on Wall Street.’
      • ‘Under dealer principal Eugene Cranley, the company started up in Glasthule before moving to the present location some years ago.’
      • ‘The network, including bankers, security dealers, and insurers, mobilized very quickly.’
      • ‘Volume in the shares was high - dealers said some small shareholders were selling out but most of the trading was down to institutional shareholders.’
      • ‘Soon, dealers and brokers will be able to post anonymous quotes on SuperMontage.’
      • ‘What percent of brokers, dealers, and investors are taking antidepressant drugs?’
      • ‘But with the recent takeover speculation having already sent the shares higher, dealers believe the stock is looking a bit pricey.’
      • ‘The pharmaceutical giant also created an enormous task for Wall Street's stock dealers and brokers.’
      • ‘The Fed uses this cash to purchase securities from primary government bond dealers.’
      stockbroker, broker-dealer, broker, agent, negotiator
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    2. 1.2informal A person who buys and sells drugs.
      ‘he posed as a dealer willing to buy heroin’
      • ‘The gun was brought from a gun dealer in another city, where it would normally have to be picked up.’
      • ‘Schoeni was a leading dealer in Chinese contemporary art with two galleries in Hong Kong's fashionable SoHo district.’
      • ‘Each town has a blacksmith, a dealer in wands and staves, and a seller of potions.’
      • ‘Prairie dogs that the company then sold to a pet dealer in Milwaukee later infected people.’
      • ‘A former dealer in replica guns, who did not want to be named, said that the illegal conversion of weapons to fire live ammunition was very difficult.’
      • ‘The painting of Calais, being sold by a dealer in Hampshire, was also snapped up for the gallery.’
      • ‘‘This was a reaction to the unknown,’ said a bullion dealer in London.’
      • ‘Rioux buys her plants from a dealer in Alberta and has a contract with an Alberta buyer for the sale of organic seeds and roots.’
      • ‘He became an antique dealer in Leamington Spa and coached at Coventry.’
      • ‘Although we bought calves locally for rearing, we sometimes bought them from a dealer in Cheshire.’
      • ‘The edition, which was expected to fetch up to £10,000, was bought by a book dealer in Bristol.’
      • ‘Bowring studied art history and has always been a dealer in art.’
      • ‘It was a major dealer in the UK utilities market, handling 30% of the gas and electricity trade.’
      • ‘Recently we procured another flower color type from a local dealer in horticultural plants.’
      • ‘But police now believe the electrical equipment was originally obtained from a dealer in Lancashire on December 17.’
      • ‘The purchase and transfer of the art was conducted through a dealer in the U.S. who specializes in such art-donation schemes.’
      • ‘The cyclist is offered the chance to get the cycle fitted with working lights by taking it along to a cycle dealer in York within 14 days of being issued with a ticket.’
      • ‘The Glasgow-based writer worked for many years as a dealer in second-hand, out-of-print and antiquarian books.’
      • ‘Diaries will be available within 10 days of booking an order, said Shantha Ravikumar, a product dealer in the city.’
      • ‘The dealer in minerals sees the market value of the jewels he handles, not their beauty.’
      trader, tradesman, tradesperson, merchant, salesman, saleswoman, salesperson, seller, buyer, buyer and seller, marketeer, merchandiser, distributor, supplier, vendor, shopkeeper, retailer, wholesaler, purveyor, marketer, trafficker, pedlar, hawker
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  • 2The player who distributes the cards at the start of a game or hand.

    • ‘Every dealer in Vegas will tell you roulette is a sucker's game.’
    • ‘After each player receives their cards, the dealer takes one card and places it face up.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals to each player until the deck is exhausted.’
    • ‘At a four-player table the dealer of each hand sits out while the other three play.’
    • ‘The early surrender rule allows the player to throw in the hand before the dealer checks the hole card for a Blackjack.’
    • ‘Let's say everybody is dealt a bunch of small cards and the dealer has a deuce up.’
    • ‘The dealer shuffles the cards and offers them to be cut by the player to the dealer's right.’
    • ‘The game begins with the dealer flipping a card face-up in front of the person to his or her left.’
    • ‘The example was given of a poker game where the dealer deals himself a straight flush.’
    • ‘It's okay if one person gets an extra card, just make sure you shift dealers every game.’
    • ‘This dealer deals each player seven cards in a row then puts the remaining cards in a face down pile in center of players.’
    • ‘The player on the left of the dealer takes the top card from his or her stack and lays at face up on the table.’
    • ‘In some places it is the player to the right of the dealer who is dealt no cards and sits out of the play.’
    • ‘If there is a tie, the players that tie continue to cut the cards until a dealer is determined.’
    • ‘When each player is finished the dealer then shows the opponent his highest hand.’
    • ‘The dealer can discard cards and draw replacements from the stock as fast as he or she likes.’
    • ‘If all pass the cards are thrown in and there is a new deal of the same number of cards by the next dealer.’
    • ‘He found work as a dealer in a casino but drugs and alcohol were a part of the scene and he eventually lost the job.’
    • ‘Typically, the dealer banks the game, but in Pai Gow Poker, any player can be the banker.’
    • ‘The room was brightly lit, dealers sat at the card tables and the wheel of fortune turned.’