Definition of dead white European male in US English:

dead white European male

(also dead white male)


  • A writer, philosopher, or other significant figure whose importance and talents may have been exaggerated by virtue of his belonging to a historically dominant gender and ethnic group.

    • ‘Unimpressed by all sides of the canon wars, in an essay called ‘Canon to the Right of Me…’ the author went so far as to defend even the dead white males of the conservatives - meaning Homer, Shakespeare, etc.’
    • ‘Today's ‘multiculturalists’ tell us that young Americans of Hispanic, African, and Asian descent could not possibly relate to dead white European males like Washington and Lincoln.’
    • ‘Who wants to study dead white males who do nothing but shore up the status quo, who teach us we're living in the greatest country in the world-no, the greatest country in the history of the world?’
    • ‘Now, I am not much impressed by some of the more extreme feminist arguments about dead white European males, but I do have to admit that all this hierarchy malarkey has a distinctly masculine feel to it.’
    • ‘Even before he dwindled into the status of dead white European male, he was seen as a fussy writer of nineteenth-century social problem plays, whose very problems seemed old fashioned.’
    • ‘Well, for starters, replacing a black woman with a white man fits with this administration's doctrine: better to get a white male to preside over a dead white males' view of history.’
    • ‘High culture was dismissed as the work of dead white males.’
    • ‘‘HRW's disregard for Christian suffering springs from a secular mindset,’ Mr. Marshall explains, ‘a mindset that assumes Christianity is the religion of dead white European males.’’
    • ‘One function for precursors is to give legitimacy to the views of the modern scientist and deflect criticism to dead white males.’
    • ‘In his spare time, Mr. McClelland enjoys reading the works of dead white European males, smoking cigarettes, and plotting revenge.’
    • ‘Be careful about criticizing one of my all-time favorite dead white male authors.’
    • ‘The mere fact that more than two centuries ago some dead white males concocted a system as cumbersome as the Electoral College does not mean that we should follow it today.’
    • ‘Gioia says his program is a ‘win-win’ approach to the arts, to which Rockwell protests: ‘But what happened to multicultural disdain for dead white European males?’’
    • ‘The believers in the mainstream - dead white males, all - refuse to accept that the ‘good old days’ when New Zealand culture was defined by white, middle aged, straight farmers, are gone.’
    • ‘How, in so up-to-date an age as our own, could some very dead white males manage to be so… popular?’
    • ‘Anthony Hopkins plays brilliant classics professor Coleman Silk, uncompromisingly laying down the law about dead white males of the distant Hellenic past to his slouching, Sony-headphone-wearing scholars.’
    • ‘Thinking, you see, was invented by dead white males and is therefore evil.’
    • ‘‘At your kids' back-to-school night, you are shocked to discover the only dead white male on your tenth-grader's reading list is Oscar Wilde.’’
    • ‘Defending the special status of high culture became deeply unfashionable, and the notion of universal cultural excellence was seen to be nothing more than a relative judgement made by an elite of dead white males.’
    • ‘Isn't it time to end the neo-colonisation of Africa by failed economic theories of dead white males like Marx?’


dead white European male

/dɛd (h)waɪt ˈˌjərəˈˌpiən/