Definition of dead on arrival in US English:

dead on arrival


  • 1Used to describe a person who is declared dead immediately upon arrival at a hospital.

    • ‘The man, in his early twenties and believed to be a student, suffered multiple injuries and was dead on arrival at hospital.’
    • ‘The victim, who had been in and out of the Philippines and owned a bar and restaurant in Manila, was declared dead on arrival at a Manila hospital.’
    • ‘He was dead on arrival at York District Hospital at 9.35 pm.’
    • ‘He was rushed to Lewisham Hospital but was dead on arrival.’
    • ‘He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.’
    • ‘He collapsed while working out in a fitness centre in Carlow on Thursday evening and was dead on arrival in hospital in Kilkenny.’
    • ‘The inquest heard she was found hanging by a plastic shower curtain in her cell and was declared dead on arrival at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on arrival and is believed to have drowned.’
    • ‘The 40-year-old was rushed to North Manchester Hospital, but was dead on arrival from head injuries.’
    • ‘He was certified dead on arrival at Burnley General Hospital.’
    • ‘Despite the efforts of paramedics, he was dead on arrival at hospital.’
    1. 1.1 (of an idea, etc.) declared ineffective without ever having been put into effect.
      ‘why are people pronouncing the plan dead on arrival in the legislature?’
      • ‘Congress, however, considered the proposal dead on arrival and refused to hold powerful industries to stricter air pollution standards.’
      • ‘If he is right, the plan will be dead on arrival in the Senate.’
      • ‘For the most part, both of these books are valuable interventions in an academic world where theories are always dead on arrival.’
      • ‘I've been in relationships that are dead on arrival.’
      • ‘After all, Kyoto was pronounced dead on arrival by the US Senate in the 1990s.’
      • ‘Democrats - and many Republicans, too - see that idea as dead on arrival.’
      • ‘This is an awful law, and were the attention of good people everywhere not focused upon the many awful things happening in DC, it would be dead on arrival.’
      • ‘Three weeks after the collapse of the European Union's growth and stability pact, it looks like the proposed EU constitution is dead on arrival.’
      • ‘When the prototypes of the new gun debuted in 2003, 90 percent of gunwriters pronounced it dead on arrival.’
      • ‘A tax cut on the scale he's proposed, one that showers nearly half its largess on the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans, will be dead on arrival.’