Definition of de haut en bas in US English:

de haut en bas

adverb & adjective

  • In a condescending or superior manner.

    as adverb ‘he never addressed his students de haut en bas’
    as adjective ‘he has a certain de haut en bas style’
    • ‘Everybody thinks they know more about the internet than everybody else so I anticipate a tirade of abuse and de haut en bas dismissals.’
    • ‘The constitution is the epitome of Europe de haut en bas, of decisions imposed by elites.’
    • ‘But that kind of approach strikes us as disagreeably de haut en bas now, and paternalism isn't really a vote-winner any more.’


French, ‘from above to below’.


de haut en bas

/də ˌōt än ˈbä/