Definition of day shift in US English:

day shift


  • 1A period of time worked during the daylight hours in a hospital, factory, etc., as opposed to the night shift.

    • ‘I've worked a day shift, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but my day is far from over.’
    • ‘According to laboratory policy, this test is performed only during the day shift.’
    • ‘They work only in the day shift (eight hours) and on an average, each worker earns Rs.3,000 a month.’
    • ‘Three nurses who work 12-hour day shifts cover the charge desk.’
    • ‘A nurse at the local hospital, she worked the day shift so she would be home for her son after school.’
    • ‘His Aunt Sakura lived with his mother, Arisu, helping to bring in the money with her night job while his mother worked the day shift.’
    • ‘The two happened to be near the Ensley furnaces just as the day shift was ending and observed the soot-covered workers speaking to each other in unfamiliar languages.’
    • ‘Ambulance staff on day shifts are allowed to take an hour off for meals between 11.30 am and 1.30 pm, but must be prepared to go out at short notice on emergency calls.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old woman does the day shift and keeps regular hours.’
    • ‘Moreover, experienced contractors working in rugged terrain will carefully choose the worst ground for the day shift, reserving the better-going for night.’
    • ‘During the day shift, he sloshed around ankle-deep in dye, in a grubby old factory in America's Silk City, Paterson, New Jersey.’
    • ‘If the nurse is to complete or assist with these cares, they will be done on the day shift, preferably in the morning.’
    • ‘Konah had left long ago to rest for his night shift, and Tomorn was left on the day shift.’
    • ‘All firefighters work two 10-hour day shifts and two 14-hour night shifts in a row, and then get four days off.’
    • ‘The older bartenders don't want to drive at night, so they work the day shift.’
    • ‘Time was nearing three in the afternoon, which meant the end of a volunteer day shift for Lucas and Sydney.’
    • ‘Adding a second day shift means Saturn can deliver products faster and more cheaply.’
    • ‘When work at the fish plant ended, I gave up my trailer, gave some of my stuff away, and moved with my son to Halifax, where I'd been promised a cleaning job at a hotel, working day shifts.’
    • ‘He once worked night shift as a security guard, then went straight to a day shift in a car salesroom and sold scrap metal on the side.’
    • ‘He said he used to work at one of the Selby pits, working 12-hour day shifts and 12-hour nights, six days a week.’
    1. 1.1treated as singular or plural The employees who work during the day shift.
      • ‘The number of dead firefighters will be hard to establish immediately because an unknown number who were getting off work at 9am stayed on and rode out with the day shift to help.’
      • ‘The cleaning of the cellar and the maintenance of spare parts was the task of day shift.’
      • ‘They arrived on the job site just before dawn in mid-December, and just in time for the changing of the guards as day shift took over from night.’
      • ‘After the day shift left the pager went off again.’
      • ‘‘In the morning, when the day shift comes on, they can't even see yet, but they've got a coffee cup in their hand,’ Willis added.’
      • ‘I hadn't realized how many people were here at this time before, but it was definitely less than day shift.’
      • ‘The evening nurses and aides go to listen to the taped report left by the day shift.’
      • ‘The commander leaves as the room is called to attention, the day shift quietly exits the briefing room and crosses the hall to the operations center.’
      • ‘Then there were the pigeons that had snuck in during open hours, which the day shift must not have noticed.’
      • ‘That was so that all of the food preparation and clean-up could all be done by the day shift in the hours from 9 to 5.’
      • ‘Legend attributes the speed of construction to the help of angels, who did double the amount of work by night as the human day shift accomplished.’
      • ‘Sometimes, she said, the bus and its passengers were still waiting there when the customs officers' day shift went home.’
      • ‘‘The form of action that has been instituted is that of booking off sick en masse,’ he claimed, alleging that out of a day shift of 96 there were 43 absences.’
      • ‘The day shift was on strike 100 per cent, said Yanaki Atanassov, chairman of the port workers' trade union.’


day shift

/ˈdā ˌSHift/