Definition of day off in US English:

day off


  • A day's vacation from work or school on what would normally be a working day.

    ‘it's her day off today’
    • ‘She said I should take a few days off, delegate my work load, get some rest, stop drinking for a bit and have lots of fruit.’
    • ‘People were working their days off and cancelling holidays to make themselves available for work.’
    • ‘An all-round sportsman and socialiser, he claims to enjoy his days off, and makes the most of life.’
    • ‘All of which means that we steel people are having a day off today in celebration of 11 years.’
    • ‘The players who started all four holiday games have been given an extra day off to rest.’
    • ‘I decided that I needed a few days off and realized that I had run out of vacation time already.’
    • ‘If a pay rise isn't possible then a few days off or a warm word of praise can work wonders.’
    • ‘He had decided to start enjoying life more and planned to make the most of his days off.’
    • ‘In Britain of course, posties get the day off when it's a holiday which I think is much fairer.’
    • ‘As I had a day off today, the wife decided we should go to Dewsbury for a few things then go for a walk in Crows Nest park.’
    • ‘She's at home in Newcastle having a rare day off from her hectic tour schedule.’
    • ‘She started 2 weeks ago, but as I took a few days off I've not worked with her very much.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, you could always count on getting a few days off, usually in the summer months.’
    • ‘I've managed to have a few days off and have slept and slept which has been good.’
    • ‘On my days off I managed to get tickets for some of the events in the magnificent Olympic Stadium.’
    • ‘He's taking a few days off to go travelling around with them, which would be cool to join in on.’
    • ‘With that, Reedie left for home and a rare day off to spend with his wife Rosemary.’
    • ‘Big Sis has the day off work today, so we're soldiering on over to Southfork Ranch.’
    • ‘One of the joys of shift work is the day off in the middle of the week, which I am enjoying today.’
    • ‘Four days off at Christmas and New Year is only a symbol of overindulgence.’
    break, rest, period of leave, week off, month off, recess, school holiday, half-term
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day off

/deɪ ɔf/