Definition of day labor in English:

day labor


  • Unskilled labor paid by the day.

    • ‘Amhara men, farmers without city-adapted skills, could only look for day labor or resort to begging in the streets.’
    • ‘First, they worked at day labor in the fruit harvest.’
    • ‘Delinquent children in these houses of refuge performed day labor, toiling at tasks such as tailoring and silver plating.’
    • ‘Corrothers returned to day labor and even did some boxing, but remained dedicated to writing.’
    • ‘In the far-northern city of Harbin, grubby men loiter on street corners, soaking up the coal-scented air and looking for day labor.’
    • ‘Thousands of immigrants scratch out a meager living in gardening, day labor, factory and farm work, and babysitting.’
    • ‘They are a national provider of temporary manual day labor.’
    • ‘Still, labor-rights groups and government officials consider the growth of day labor a decidedly mixed bag.’
    • ‘A large number of migrants move between the villages and the cities, barely supporting themselves with part-time jobs and day labor.’
    • ‘Unable to purchase land, the Mowa lived as squatters on their home territories and worked in farming, day labor, and forestry jobs.’
    • ‘He struggled to develop his own landscaping business, while his wife worked day labor jobs.’
    • ‘Imagine a country where more workers are going back to the future of sweatshops and day labor.’