Definition of day and night in US English:

day and night


  • All the time.

    ‘they kept working, day and night’
    • ‘They do a wonderful job day and night, hail, rain or snow, thinking of others and not themselves.’
    • ‘Local police and hunters are working day and night to track the surviving wolves down.’
    • ‘They had been labouring day and night for many months to finish the palace.’
    • ‘People came into my house to answer the phone, which was ringing day and night.’
    • ‘Like the miners, I was busy day and night, trying to get a church erected and furnished.’
    • ‘Our doctor, the health visitor and even the drivers worked day and night and exhausted the medicine.’
    • ‘Making this decision is on my mind day and night.’
    • ‘Although cigarette buts are swept up each day it is hard to be at it day and night.’
    • ‘Demetriou said he wondered day and night why his friend ended his life so brutally.’
    • ‘The construction crews work day and night to add more and more skyscrapers to the skylines.’
    • ‘The nurses had worked day and night for two weeks to get this ship ready to receive wounded.’
    • ‘Robin laughs non-stop day and night, pausing only for meals and medication breaks.’
    • ‘His captain, Pullen said, wore his oilskins day and night, and vomited all the time.’
    • ‘This question has haunted me day and night since I first moved to Calgary three years ago.’
    • ‘Meinertzhagen went into overdrive, working day and night to persuade staff and clients to stay.’
    • ‘And to add to their fury, the cars' alarms are going off day and night apparently for no reason.’
    • ‘Organisers had a word of praise for the artists engaged day and night in the preparation of the idols.’
    always, all the time, the entire time, continually, continuously, persistently, repeatedly, regularly
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