Definition of Davy lamp in US English:

Davy lamp


  • A miner's portable safety lamp with the flame enclosed by wire gauze to reduce the risk of an explosion of gas.

    • ‘The Davy lamp was fuelled by oil or naptha (lighter fluid), and the wick was contained in a metal gauze cylinder.’
    • ‘The first Davy Lamp was tried at Hebburn Colliery, January lst, 1816. Strictly speaking, the 'Davy' is not a lamp but a scientific instrument for detecting the presence of firedamp.’
    • ‘Thus was born the Davy lamp, in which the flame is surrounded by wire gauze to dissipate heat and prevent ignition of flammable gases.’
    • ‘Davy separated the flame from the gas, and his lamp later became widely used, and known as the Davy lamp.’


Davy lamp

/ˈdāvē lamp//ˈdeɪvi læmp/