Definition of datura in US English:



  • A shrubby annual plant with large trumpet-shaped flowers, native to southern North America. Daturas contain toxic or narcotic alkaloids and are used as hallucinogens by some North American Indian peoples.

    Genus Datura, family Solanaceae: several species, including the jimson weed

    • ‘You also might consider a gardenia, white-flowering duranta, white datura (can trigger allergy) and ‘Ducher,’ an antique white rose, for sun.’
    • ‘According to some accounts, zombies are fed a paste made from datura stramonium - the zombie's cucumber - that contains tropane alkaloids capable of inducing a psychotic state.’
    • ‘At the end, the Indian heroine commits suicide by biting a poisonous datura flower because her British lover is deserting her.’
    • ‘Despite its name, Eryngium Blue from DT Brown is not a sea holly but a bright-blue datura or jimson weed.’
    • ‘On inquiry, we found that the patient's relatives had made him drink a preparation made from the locally available datura (known as thorn apple or devil's weed) leaves, which contain atropine as the principal active alkaloid.’


Modern Latin, from Hindi dhatūrā, from Sanskrit dhustur.