Definition of datapoint in US English:



  • An identifiable element in a data set.

    ‘software that can quickly process tens of thousands of datapoints’
    • ‘Support vector machines can be phrased as statistical query algorithms, but the number of queries scales with the number of datapoints.’
    • ‘The whole set of 40 datapoints allows us to determine a good average of k 0 and [beta]. Only for the tryptophans of NSCP is an additional lifetime found, which might be an indication for additional sources of heterogeneity.’
    • ‘The slopes were evaluated from the tangents of the linear fit for all the datapoints between two points i and i + NP - 1 (NP = number of datapoints over the distance D) for all the points i in the height profile.’
    • ‘Dividing the data into six groups of ~ 25 datapoints, with increasing uD + A, shows a greater level of heterogeneity in the local density s-values while maintaining a strong negative dependence of s on uD + A.’
    • ‘Simply removing either the last two groups or the four datapoints with the highest acceptor levels results in a reduced value of p = 0.2454, indicating a lack of evidence of dependence.’