• An electronic connection for the exchange of information.

    ‘a datalink system that would allow aircraft controllers and pilots to exchange electronic messages’
    • ‘The Senit 2000 combat management system uses operating modes for littoral warfare and is interoperable with tactical datalinks 11 and 16, to be supplied by Aeromaritime.’
    • ‘A satellite communication link allowing flexible message exchanges provided the necessary shore to ship datalink and was able to handle short or long messages.’
    • ‘Aviation applications include navigation and precise timing for the future VHF Nexcom and various ATC datalinks (such as ADS-B), and to synchronize ground radar networks.’
    • ‘We are experts in the design and supply of sensors which, when integrated with our datalinks and displays, enable a complete picture of the combat environment.’
    • ‘Cpdlc, which has been called e-mail for pilots, shifts routine transmissions from voice to datalink, freeing voice frequencies for other uses and thus reducing delays in transmissions.’
    • ‘These quiet miniature spyplanes carry sophisticated surveillance cameras and datalinks, radioing video images to ground stations that are so detailed that even individuals can be recognised and pinpointed rapidly.’
    • ‘Also the alliance sees ADS-B as valuable in providing airborne situational awareness and for its air-to-air/air-to-ground datalinks, while the FAA regards ADS-B as having limited value in the NAS.’
    • ‘The datalink allowed the aircraft's telemetry to be displayed, thus enabling the CGS operators to track the flight path of the Apache.’
    • ‘The Ku-band datalink has a narrow band uplink for vehicle and payload control and a wide band downlink for digital streaming video and data from the payload.’
    • ‘Key to understanding the current E - 8C SATCOM capabilities is that the jet cannot conduct two different SATCOM datalinks simultaneously.’
    • ‘The dispatcher can arrange conference calls via radio or by satellite datalink if we're over the ocean, patching us through to a doctor, maintenance facility or security specialist.’
    • ‘Sewaco also integrates navigation systems, communications systems and automatic datalink.’
    • ‘As well as update target information, the datalink allows the gunner to switch targets and also receive real-time intelligence and perform battle damage assessment.’
    • ‘The digital datalinks include a satellite communications link, a surveillance and control datalink for transmission to mobile ground stations, and Joint Tactical Information Distribution System.’
    • ‘Still capable of providing all the Mode A / C functions you're used to, this transponder also provides a datalink connection to your KMD that plays a continuous feed of traffic images directly from the FAA's in-house radar network.’
    • ‘The reference station consists of a GPS receiver that broadcasts GPS code and carrier phase measurements through a datalink to the mower.’
    • ‘Running on an embedded real-time operating system, the Freedom Recording communicates with the Telecom Block through a serial datalink and features a disk capacity of 500 channel hours.’
    • ‘The T - 33 is equipped with an avionics pallet representative of the X - 45A. The first test included the first use of Link 16 secure datalink.’
    • ‘In addition to IFF modes 2, 3, 4, 5, and C (which provides altitude readouts), the pilot can assess LOF using cooperative identification systems like Link 16, interflight datalinks, and JBFSA.’
    • ‘Jamming the UAV's ground-to-air or air-to-ground datalink to its ground control or data terminal station can effect a soft kill by denying the UAV operators command guidance capability and/or downlinked imagery.’