Definition of data dump in US English:

data dump


  • 1A large amount of data transferred from one system or location to another.

    ‘the data dump needs to be converted into Excel so as to be analyzed more easily’
    • ‘While this may be possible with the user defined variable, it would require quite a bit of work after an Excel data dump.’
    • ‘The figure shows a raw data dump of blue-channel data for images D17 and D18.’
    • ‘RAW is quite literally the raw data dump from the image sensor in the camera.’
    • ‘Today's talks were outstanding and when time permits and connection speeds are faster the data dump will flow.’
    • ‘Are either of these devices what you really need for data dumps from one PC to another?’
    1. 1.1
      ‘his attention to detail leads to unneeded flashbacks and data dumps’
      another term for info dump
      • ‘The aliens are well defined, although not so well that the reader doesn't feel like there is a data dump.’
      • ‘I have to find some kind of balance now, so that I can expand my own mind in preparation for the next data dump of what I have uncovered.’
      • ‘Of course, it would probably have been better off if all of this had stayed private, but reading through the sum total of this data dump, I came away more impressed and reassured by the way Washington works, or at least the State Department, than I was before.’
      • ‘This is not naively to expect characters, particularly ones as obsessed with their own problems as these generally are, to utter data dumps to each other about things both would know perfectly well.’
      • ‘A data dump from this week reveals egregious should-and-musting on the editorial pages.’
      • ‘A book like this could have easily turned into a data dump, but his influence is felt throughout with plenty of prose to guide the reader.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, because he is a reporter, much of the first hundred pages seems to be him interviewing his colleagues aboard the starship or giving data dumps via his published writing.’
      • ‘For example, successful writing is not about doing all your research first and then spewing out a data dump.’