Definition of data communications in US English:

data communications


  • The electronic transmission of encoded information to, from, or between computers.

    • ‘An output driver circuit offers control and logic level adjustment for high speed data communications in a synchronous memory such as a synchronous dynamic random access memory.’
    • ‘The corvettes have secure voice and data communications, including Link 11 and Link Y Mark 2, with the fleet, land based command and control centres and with the CN - 235 maritime patrol aircraft.’
    • ‘In this world of cross-entry, the RBOCs are moving quickly to install fiber optic service to the customer's premises, not just to offer higher speeds for data communications but of all services that have video content.’
    • ‘This new strategy takes advantage of the fact that data communications for many systems share the same communication protocol, such as the TCP / IP standard.’
    • ‘Because VOIP uses the same standards as data communications, voice calls, email, and even video broadcasts can go through the same network.’
    • ‘Overall, this momentum is leading Ethernet / IP to become the networking standard of choice in areas such as data communications, MANs, wireless networks, home networks and factory floor networks.’
    • ‘Non-tactical land mobile radio systems used by the DON include equipment such as base, repeater, vehicular and handheld stations in a variety of geographic environments supporting voice and data communications.’
    • ‘Racine County is implementing a wide area network to provide enhanced voice and data communications throughout the county, to support public safety and other local governmental needs.’
    • ‘The Lightpointe lasers' 155-megabit bandwidth - equivalent to about a hundred T - 1 lines - was more than needed to carry all of Cleary's voice and data communications between sites.’
    • ‘In order to implement brake-by-wire, slated for production in some luxury vehicles perhaps as early as 2006 or 2007, and steer-by-wire systems, safety-critical data communications are essential.’
    • ‘A cdma wireless digital communication system which supports all types of voice and data communications while utilizing the minimum amount of bandwidth for the particular application.’
    • ‘The first generation of wireless data communications allowed the transmission of short text messages.’
    • ‘The unit established, for the first time, both voice and data communications, including non secure internet protocol router and secure internet protocol router and video teleconferencing capabilities.’
    • ‘The advances in electronic tags, data logging techniques, data acquisition and processing, and real-time data communications make the tracking of marine animals over distant waters practical.’
    • ‘The system integrates secure voice and data communications, both internally and externally to the ship, incorporating satellite, high frequency radio and a range of internal communication networks.’
    • ‘He said CyberCity was not an ordinary residence and business estate since it would be fully equipped with infrastructures for both voice and data communications through fixed and wireless telephone and Internet.’
    • ‘Total telecom costs - including charges for phones, cellular services, pagers, toll-free numbers, fax lines, and data communications - often rank among a company's top five expenses.’
    • ‘Because there are no 3G handsets yet, both companies will initially offer just data communications for laptop and palmtop computers equipped with special wireless cards.’
    • ‘The Globalstar satellites have been in operation since October 1999, providing global voice and data communications to portable, mobile and fixed satellite earth stations.’
    • ‘Brock's expertise in computers and telecommunications is best illustrated in his chapter on data communications.’