Definition of data center in US English:

data center


  • A large group of networked computer servers typically used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data.

    • ‘This lack of MTC standardization forces data centers to choose among different manufacturers.’
    • ‘BT has dismissed claims it is to scrap a £ 1.2 billion plan to set up a network of Internet data centres.’
    • ‘In conventional business operations, demands on data centers also have been affected by the requirements of Internet commerce.’
    • ‘With lightning-fast blade servers becoming more common in today's data center environment, two issues become paramount.’
    • ‘Last year, 19 internet data centres were due to be completed in the capital.’
    • ‘The data centres also represent an important strand of their owners ' business plans.’
    • ‘CIOs don't tend to let unproven players fiddle in their data centers.’
    • ‘Microsoft Exchange Server is a commonly used mail server that is an integral part of many data centers.’
    • ‘Yes, this is also what we call a datacenter operations complexity problem, not just a storage problem.’
    • ‘In 2000, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union's data center took a direct hit from lightning.’
    • ‘An unnamed financial institution, it turns out, has a data center in Florida.’
    • ‘We are also holding negotiations to outsource the data centre.’
    • ‘The bank will also set up a data centre at the Technology Park at Bangalore for which it has already acquired space.’
    • ‘The improved performance could help cut energy costs and consolidate servers in data centers, AMD said.’
    • ‘Silicon Valley embraces the mystique surrounding Google's data center.’
    • ‘The patient's well-being is now linked to the reliability of the data center.’
    • ‘Customers with overseas offices connected to the London data center were rerouted across their own networks to London.’
    • ‘This problem can be the result of high frequency drainage currents from switched mode power supplies of data center equipment.’
    • ‘I had conclusive proof of ghost supply requests for additional servers in data centres, even a new trunk line across the Channel.’
    • ‘Centrica is also looking to upgrade 24,000 desktop computers to Windows XP and building a new data centre near Staines.’