Definition of dashpot in US English:



  • A device for damping shock or vibration.

    • ‘At sufficiently large frequencies, the dashpots become nonresponsive, and the force division becomes entirely dictated by the springs.’
    • ‘Such components can include simple springs, dampers, dashpots, masses, latches, bearings, non-linear potential and dissipative fields, or any other imaginable component.’
    • ‘This step keeps the hook from slamming to the deck and possibly chipping a good hook point; however, this time, we decided to service the dashpot before we dropped the hook.’
    • ‘The measured rheological features were not consistent with simple linear viscoelastic models based on a combination of a discrete number of springs and dashpots.’
    • ‘We have investigated the sensitivity of the resulting deformations to various model parameters including the spring constants, the dashpot coefficient of viscosity, and the oscillatory flow frequency.’