Definition of dashingly in US English:



  • See dashing

    • ‘The couple gave their own twist to the bridal waltz, dashingly executing a tango.’
    • ‘Lance was dashingly dressed in a slimmin’ tuxedo and looked, dare I say it, rather handsome.’
    • ‘Alex's parents met when they were eighteen and twenty-three respectively, were engaged three months later, and had a dashingly handsome son by the end of their second year of marriage.’
    • ‘He became a dashingly handsome man, and the Duchess of Montrose was not the only woman to become infatuated with him, though there was no reciprocity.’
    • ‘They are dashingly handsome, with flashing eyes and stately moustaches and a welcome that melts away the six-hour journey over potholes to get here.’
    • ‘The girls wore their party dresses and high heels, the men looked dashingly handsome in their dinner suits.’
    • ‘As radical icons go, Guevara surely takes the beauty prize, with eyes that are sometimes dashingly romantic, sometimes starkly idealistic, but always captivating.’
    • ‘Until this point, I can see why women find him irresistible - he's charming, polite, and dashingly handsome.’