Definition of dash something off in US English:

dash something off

phrasal verb

  • Write something hurriedly and without much premeditation.

    • ‘The excuse for churning out a far less funny film, it seemed, was simple: ‘We just dashed it off.’’
    • ‘John Taylor's paper was dashed off and sent to the scientific journal Nature for publication.’
    • ‘I tend to dash things off without thinking so much.’
    • ‘You law students might think that we old law profs just dash these things off in an hour, but, in fact, it takes some doing.’
    • ‘A minor project for the master architect, perhaps, but with a grandness indicating that he didn't just dash it off.’
    • ‘We were confronted by a row of little pictures that not only looked as though they had been dashed off at high speed, but plainly were considered by their makers to be complete.’
    scribble, write hurriedly, write untidily, write illegibly, scratch, scrawl, doodle, jot, jot down
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