Definition of darner in English:



North American
  • 1A darning needle.

    • ‘Cotton Darner Needles are long embroidery-type needles for mending, soft sculpture and doll making. For heavier needles with a larger eye, see yarn darners.’
    • ‘Darners are long needles used for basting and darning with cotton.’
  • 2A large slender-bodied dragonfly.

    Also called darning needle, devil's darning needle
    • ‘Green darners are large, showy dragonflies with silvery iridescent wings.’
    • ‘Green darners are one of nine long-distance migratory dragonflies in North America.’
    • ‘A green darner dragonfly is fitted with a tiny radio tag to help scientists study its migration.’
    • ‘Darners and other large dragonflies often emerge at night, when they are safer from predators.’
    • ‘Common green darners (Anax junius) are large, strong flying dragonflies. Their average body size is three inches long.’