Definition of dark-sky in US English:



  • Denoting or located in a place where the darkness of the night sky is relatively free of interference from artificial light.

    ‘we packed up the telescope and headed for a dark-sky site’
    • ‘Also, at sixth magnitude it requires either a good dark-sky site or binoculars.’
    • ‘Last year the group designated Flagstaff, Arizona, as the first International Dark-Sky City, in recognition of the city's efforts to reduce wasteful lighting.’
    • ‘Under normal conditions on the night of maximum activity, with ideal dark-sky conditions, at least 60 to 120 Geminid meteors can be expected to burst across the sky every hour on the average.’
    • ‘Randy always signs off with "Dark Skies and Smooth Roads," and now that we've got the dark skies taken care of, it's time for a smooth road, as the dark-sky site is frequently abundant in proverbial Missourian mud.’
    • ‘Thanks to a clear atmosphere and the dark-sky guidelines followed by many towns and cities, Arizona nights are studded with stars.’
    • ‘"The 'dark-sky preserve' will be almost free of light pollution even though the area is within easy reach of Southern Ontario's most highly developed areas."’
    • ‘Do-able with a large amateur instrument from a good dark-sky site, though.’
    • ‘The asteroid may be visible in 35 mm binoculars, but I recommend using larger binocs or a telescope and traveling to a dark-sky site if possible.’
    • ‘After dinner, we jumped aboard one of the buses again for a two-mile ride to a nearby hilltop site away from lights that provided a nice, dark-sky view of the heavens.’
    • ‘But if you want to get intimate with the cosmos and learn some of its secrets, you ought to go a little further, to Arizona, the dark-sky state.’
    • ‘That long, narrow rectangle of blue and white squares at the top of this page (just under the flags) is a local dark-sky forecast; click on it for a full explanation.’
    • ‘First light was at our dark-sky observing night in March 2005.’
    • ‘With no control over Las Vegas, Death Valley rangers are looking to fix the problem at home as they aim to be a dark-sky national park.’
    • ‘He is also interested in dark-sky preservation, global virtual observatories and astronomy education.’
    • ‘So last year Brown helped enact a dark-sky ordinance in Pueblo County, which requires all outdoor light fixtures to shine downward only.’
    • ‘The town is "dark-sky" compliant, meaning the artificial lighting shines downward to avoid attracting migrating birds or those seeking to disturb the peace.’
    • ‘At least some dark-sky watching should be possible for the three meteor maxima this month, of which the most interesting is likely to be the Leonids.’
    • ‘Amid such concerns, Death Valley, the largest national park in the Lower 48, has set out to be the first official dark-sky national park.’
    • ‘It's very early days to determine exactly the kind of market for dark-sky tourism but the UK has the highest percentage of amateur astronomers in Europe and there are thousands of people who subscribe to astronomy magazines and join societies.’
    • ‘The International Dark-Sky Association is working to create standards to guide communities seeking to reclaim the night sky.’