Definition of dark-haired in US English:



  • Having dark-colored hair.

    ‘a dark-haired young woman’
    • ‘The café has blue and white checks on the tablecloths and he likes the way the dark-haired waitress smiles.’
    • ‘Leigh Anne laughs with a friend while Gavin eyes up a dark-haired girl.’
    • ‘Dark-haired, youthful, and confident with a PhD in physics from Oxford University, Ford sits at the kitchen table with his wife, Sarah Gordon, a top authority on the psychology of people who write and unleash computer viruses.’
    • ‘A pale dark-haired girl has been standing watching the proceedings and comes forward, eager to say what she thinks.’
    • ‘She sees a picture of Rita Hayworth and thinks she is looking at herself, this pale-skinned, dark-haired beauty whose history remains a mystery.’
    • ‘Suddenly, a dark-haired woman caught his eye.’
    • ‘We were joined by a mutual friend, a dark-haired looker whose expenditure on manicures and pedicures is legendary.’
    • ‘It is clear, however, from other sources that Cecelia was dark-haired and dark-eyed.’
    • ‘He is dark-haired, intense, exacting, and with a quick smile.’
    • ‘The man is middle-aged and dark-haired, and is nursing a drink.’
    • ‘When Winston again slipped out onto the street, he passed the dark-haired girl from the Fiction Department.’
    • ‘Both are dark-haired, intelligent and gorgeous; both, somewhat inevitably, meet and fall in love.’
    • ‘The tall, slim, blond Malcolm has a brother - not a friend as we'd been led to believe - who is stout, dark-haired, balding and much older.’
    • ‘He had met the dark-haired girl some months before in Nottingham, where he had gone to read his poems.’
    • ‘Dark-haired Frank is the coolly logical member of the team, while his brother Joe, a fingerprint expert, is slightly more emotional.’
    • ‘Right on the cover, a dark-haired man in close-up leans over to kiss a beautiful blonde with a tear in her eye.’
    • ‘The girl said something and the dark-haired woman snapped at her.’
    • ‘There was no map in her file, and all I saw was a photograph of the dark-haired woman, smiling, with three young children on a couch.’
    • ‘Cole, a small, dark-haired Cajun boy with calloused work-toughened hands, once took fifteen whacks from Miss Miller's paddle, more than anybody in the history of the school.’
    • ‘"You can look at this if you'd like," the dark-haired, willowy 14-year-old said, blushing slightly, yet serenely confident.’
    brown-haired, dark, darkish
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