Definition of Dard in US English:



  • 1A member of a group of peoples inhabiting eastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and Kashmir.

    • ‘The Dard and Baltis inhabit Gurez, Tilel and Draas.’
    • ‘But the Dards of Baltistan, guided by the path of the Indus, decided to lend some touches of green to its banks.’
    • ‘After the Mon came the Dards from the Muslim Hunza district.’
    • ‘He further claims that Dards were not an ‘Aryan ‘race but they were the original inhabitants of this area while Aryans came later.’’
    • ‘In June 1994, three new regions were opened up to international travellers: the lands of the Changpah nomads; Nubra, a little patch of Indian land between China and Pakistan; and Dah-Hanu, inhabited by the last Dards of the Indus.’
  • 2The group of Indic languages spoken by the Dards, including Kashmiri.


  • Relating to the Dards or their languages.

    • ‘In Sanskrit the term Dard means ‘mountain’ and was perhaps used because most of the Dardic area is mountainous.’
    • ‘The major nine social ethnic groups are Kashmiri, Dogra, Gujjar, Bakerwal, Dard (immigrated long ago from Dardistan, CentralAsia), Balti, Gaddi, Pothwari (both Muslim and non-Muslim) and Chibalis.’
    • ‘The project threatens to forcibly evict the remaining 25.000 members of the Dard Shin people, who are strongly opposing the damming of the Gurez valley.’
    • ‘Just five Dard villages belong to Ladakh; they present to our eyes an extraordinary world, which gives one a feeling of living through a meeting with the story of humanity.’
    • ‘Under the name of the Dard country, the whole mountainous track between the ‘Hindukush ‘and the northern frontiers of India proper has been included.’


The name in Dard.