Definition of dapple gray in English:

dapple gray


  • (of a horse) gray or white with darker ringlike markings.

    • ‘To my great relief and joy, Prince Justyn was nowhere in sight, and Joshua was grooming a dapple-gray stallion.’
    • ‘Dapple gray horses usually have dapples throughout their entire body, often with darker colored points.’
    • ‘Stacey chose a dapple gray horse, and a groom saddled the horse up for her.’
    • ‘She continued to scrutinize his expression as his glower remained focused on the ground at their feet, one hand firmly gripping the reins of his lathered dapple-gray gelding while the other tightly held his riding crop.’
    • ‘Rachel's frown darkened, but when the sharp sound of horse hooves approached fast behind, she halted and turned to see a lathered dapple gray gelding mounted by the familiar physique of ‘Robert!’’


  • A dapple gray horse.

    • ‘That gentleman promptly harnessed up his dapple-grays and drove off in the general direction of Kentucky.’
    • ‘The boy, presumably Prince Arion, mounted a noble-looking palomino as my target, his tiny sister, hopped on a high-blooded dapple gray.’
    • ‘The hoofs from the other four dapple grays could be heard as the caisson approached.’
    • ‘The twin set of dapple grays in the traces brought back memories of the last time she'd gone out riding with the redhead.’
    • ‘Maud and Grace, beautiful white mares, served the company 1901 until 1910, when they were replaced by a team of dapple grays, Duke and Barron.’


dapple gray

/ˌdapəl ˈɡrā/