Definition of dapper in US English:



  • (typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.

    ‘he looked very dapper in a dark silk suit’
    • ‘In appearance he is slim and dapper, a man of medium height invariably dressed in expensive American suits that nevertheless contrive to look cheap.’
    • ‘Look out for the dapper gent in a bowler hat tinkling the ivories in an East End boozer.’
    • ‘He is thoroughly dapper: all straw boater and braces and a good line in patter.’
    • ‘At the opposite end a dapper gentleman tips his hat and bows to this smiling little lady.’
    • ‘The brides reflect the styles of the day, with the stiff starched elegance of the grooms' dapper morning suits also forming a real contrast.’
    • ‘He grew into a dapper and debonair-seeming man who modelled himself on the film star Ronald Coleman.’
    • ‘He is a small, dapper man (suit, tie, shiny shoes), and I have a feeling he is rather vain.’
    • ‘A dapper man in contrasting winter shades, beige scarf at a jaunty angle, he marches across the nosherie floor to greet me.’
    • ‘If anyone can get you looking spruce and dapper, Maxine told me, it's Carol.’
    • ‘If I recall correctly, he was wearing a blazer and appeared a very dapper 73-year-old.’
    • ‘A long red ostrich plume sprouted back from the hat giving him a dapper appearance that befit the captain of a ship.’
    • ‘A short while later it was opened again and a very dapper gentleman in English tweed opened it up to me.’
    • ‘A dapper American in white jacket and smart shirt and tie greeted me.’
    • ‘To my left was a rather dapper man, distinguished in dress and demeanor.’
    • ‘The racegoers go all out when it comes to the style stakes with the boys in their dapper pinstripes and the girls with their elegant head pieces.’
    • ‘He was a dapper guy, and he always had a little feather in his hat.’
    • ‘Physically, I'd expected a dapper man with a fine line in suits and irony.’
    • ‘The small man, the dapper man with grey suit, grey tie and clean white shirt put out a hand to support me.’
    • ‘He is dapper in blazer, cane, sharp hat and regimental tie, which he wears with a tie clip.’
    • ‘He sits on a folded towel grumbling and mumbling away and, in spite of it all, still looks neat and dapper most of the time.’
    smart, spruce, trim, debonair, neat, tidy, neat and tidy, crisp, well dressed, besuited, well groomed, well turned out, smartly dressed, elegant, chic, dashing
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Late Middle English: probably from a Middle Low German or Middle Dutch word meaning ‘strong, stout’.